Eye on Stars: Inception Reunion, Stroke on Air, and Other Celebrity News (11 pics)

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Another “Inception” star joins “The Dark Knight Rises” cast

“The Dark Knight Rises” is going to be a reunion for the “Inception” cast, but without Leonardo DiCaprio. “Inception” star Marion Cotillard joins the “The Dark Knight Rises” cast, in which the deal was closed this weekend. So what’s her role in the Cape Crusader’s life? Well, no word on that yet but it might be announced in the next weeks. It’s rather interesting because not only will she be reunited with her fellow “Inception” stars, but she’ll be reuniting with director, Christopher Nolan as well. It’s either Nolan loved his “Inception” stars, or he couldn’t get any others stars for this sequel.

New Spider-Man reboots gets a title, release date and a new still

Rejoice Spider-Man fans! The reboot details are almost complete with a new title and release date. In fact, it’s no longer called a Spider-Man reboot but will be named “The Amazing Spider-Man” with a release date of July 3, 2012. Aside from that, the studio is showing another still where our superhero is in full attire with mechanical web slingers on his wrist. “The Amazing Spider-Man” is one of the anticipated superhero reboots, and we are very curious to know what the story is all about. And also, we want to know who the villains will be.

Tim Gunn doesn’t want Snooki or “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood in “Project Runway”

“Project Runway” is known to have celebrity guests on the show, but they’re also known NOT to feature just any celebrity. And Tim Gunn has made this clear that he refuses to make things work with Snooki and “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood in the show. The m57-year-old mentor has made it clear to not collaborate with naughty celebrities saying that "I do nothing that mitigates bad behavior, I want an end to it”. Ha! Good for you Gunn! “Project Runway” is never for naughty celebrities. So, Snooki and Amber better cross out on their to do list when it comes to appearing in the reality TV show.

The Royal Wedding reveals some members of the wedding party

Prince William has already selected Prince Harry as his best man (who else would it be?!) while Kate selected her younger sister, Pippa, to be her maid of honor. Middleton, on the other hand, has selected kids to be her bridesmaids that include William’s goddaughter, cousins, nieces and nephews with an age range from 3 to 8 years old. His pageboy will be his godson William Pettifer. So, is it a kids wedding?! Unless the couple plans to add more to their entourage, it looks like most of it will contain children. It’s quite unusual but it is the royal wedding, and an event this grand can have unusual things.

Did Serene Branson suffer from stroke on air?

CBS reporter Serene Branson was reported to have suffered a stroke on air as she fumbled with her words for 10 seconds reporting about the Grammys. For those who don’t know, stroke on air stops the brain from recognizing words and to pronounce them properly. Right after the report, medics were on the scene to check on her and found out that Branson’s vital signs are normal. To be sure though, a colleague gave her a ride home and she was fine the next morning. What happened to her was quite shocking and we couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. We’re just glad she’s alright and, hopefully, something like this won’t happen to her again.

“Two and a Half Men” will only shoot four episodes before cutting the season out

We are actually very worried about the crew who will have their paychecks based on the number of episodes shown. Most of the crew of “Two and a Half Men” will have no one month paycheck because show creator Chuck Lorre has decided to only shoot four episodes instead of more before cutting the season close. We know this has something to do with the upper people wanting to avoid Charlie Sheen’s troubled antics, but we think it’s not worth it letting the other workers suffer, especially when it comes to their paychecks. Sheen should really be paying the crew of his show because this was his entire fault in the first place.

Another “Breaking Dawn” still

The cast and crew of “Breaking Dawn” are really good at keeping everything from the set secret. And this is the reason there is a lot of anticipation for movie stills that make fans really looking forward for the movie. So, here’s another still that we think fans are getting all so giddy now. It may be nothing for non-fans, but for those who have read the books this is a preview of the Isle of Esme where Edward and Bella get it on in their honeymoon as well as the place where Renesmee was created. So fans, are you excited enough for “Breaking Dawn”? Yeah, get all hyped and excited as you collect all the few movie stills the studio has to offer for you.

Famous photographer sues Rihanna for “S&M” music video

9 Eye on Stars: Inception Reunion, Stroke on Air, and Other Celebrity News

Famous fashion photographer David LaChapelle is now suing Rihanna over her “S&M” music video, saying that most of the scenes there were based on eight of his photos. According to LaChapelle, who filed a lawsuit last Monday, "The music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works." The damages the photographer seeks have not been revealed yet. Aside from that, a rep from Rihanna has not spoken about this incident and has yet to wait for their comment on this. Well, Rihanna should have learned that if you’re going to make a video based on LaChapelle works, she should have gotten LaChapelle instead. At least, misunderstandings such as thic can be avoided.

A first look on Cynthia Nixon and fiancé’s newborn son 

We reported last week that Cynthia Nixon’s fiancé has given birth to baby boy, Max. Well, just like Elton John and his husband David, Cynthia and Christine have come out with a photo of them holding their newborn son. Max has a red hair, in which he has gotten from his biological mother. The couple looks so happy holding their newborn baby and has promised to give their love and care to their baby boy. Yeah, he actually looks cute, but we still can’t over the fact that more and more Hollywood babies are coming out of mother’s wombs. There’s no stopping them now.

Billy Ray Cyrus blames “Hannah Montana” for his family’s troubles

Billy Ray Cyrus has revealed in his latest interview from GQ Magazine that he blames the Disney show “Hannah Montana” that made her daughter, Miley, famous. He also blames the show for the current troubles that is happening in his family, including her divorce from his wife, Tish. He’s also worried about the people surrounding his daughter, which are the handlers, as some of them are putting her in great deal of danger. Poor Billy Ray! If we hadn’t known better, we’d say he’s just letting his daughter be. We’re actually surprised that he blames the show, though we know that ever since “Hannah Montana”, Miley has been out of control on everything. We hope everything works out well for the Cyrus family.


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