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Daily Stare: Tuesday Titillations (16 pics)

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Here is another Tuesday filled with fantastic shots of the world around us. Enjoy!



Family surrounds the coffin of anti-government protester Abdul Redha Mohammed Hassan. He died of his wounds on Feb. 21 after being shot in the head by Bahraini security forces in Pearl Square last week.

Art Exhibit

This is the St. Luke Painting the Virgin circa 1520-1502. It can be seen at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

Which Way Out?

After a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch, New Zealand the office workers try to find a way out of the high rise building. The quake killed at least 65 people.


This woman is waiting to hear the sentencing of 11 soldiers that were accused of rape and crimes against humanity in Baraka, Democratic Republic of Congo.


The museum was broken into during the clashes in Egypt and items were stolen. So far they have recovered some of the artifacts, but there are some that are still missing.

90 Year Old Vows Hunger Strike

This man was known at first as Ivan the Terrible, a notorious Nazi concentration guard at Treblinka, when it came out he more than likely wasn’t Ivan he was released. He is back again, but this time John Demjanjuk is accused of working at sorbibor as one of the many guards. The courts hold documents that prove that he was working with the Nazi’s, but he states he has papers that prove his innocence and unless they are presented in court he will go on a hunger strike.

Stones with plaques commemorating people killed at Sobibor death camp.

Sold into Everything

Young children are being taken advantage of by traffickers who prey on them and their families during the crisis in Haiti. The children are picked up during food scrounging or their parents are given 76p and a promise of a better life for their children. A small amount of these children actually make it to a loving home, while the vast majority end up doing sinister jobs including prostition.

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i<3mothernature 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I feel sorry for all the young children in the last pic :( Hopefully all will end up in a loving home
incognito562 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
pretty cool