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Uncanny Factoid: Ghostly Mail (2 pics)

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The mailman is supposed to deliver your mail no matter what the situation, unless of course it gets lost in the system somewhere.


After 94 years this postcard from a soldier in WWI has finally arrived at its intended destination. well close it was delivered to the wrong address. Nell the sister that it was intended for is also not there, but Lauren Bleach and her partner Jill Liversidge were. After seeing the 94 year old postcard they looked up and found Brian Buxton, a living relative, who is 68, and living in Salhouse, Norfolk.


The postcard was dated 1916 and handwritten on the back was a note from Alfred. He mentions that he had not forgotten his sister Nell, and that he would like to hear from her. Alfred didn’t make it; he was injured at the Hindenburg Line at Grecourt in 1918 and died four days later. His sister Nell passed away and was heartbroken about his brutal wartime death in 1964 without ever seeing this postcard.

Not only was the postcard delivered late, it was delivered to the wrong address. It was stamped in 1916 and again in September 2010 with a note of repair duty. It finally arrived in November with yet another note that apologized for the damage and delay arriving. The original stamp and postmark were deemed official and genuine.


The royal mail stated it is very unlikely that the card was with them all that time and that they clean out their sorting office and post boxes regularly. So the question remains where was the postcard all this time?


Learn Something Fun: During World War One, 230 soldiers perished for each hour of the four and a quarter years it continued.

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Bruainan 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
learn something FUN? Seriously?
Millions died for a few kilometers of bordeline under 4 years and its FUN?
Romeowyn 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I was pretty shocked too... Learn something INTERESTING would be more appropriate.