What Does He Photograph? (5 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       2 Feb 2011       14521

What do you think this man from London photographs with such an enthusiasm?


What Does He Photograph?

A Racer's Island (5 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       2 Feb 2011       16122

This island was gifted to seven time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher by Dubai's Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is an absolutely gorgeous island that is estimated around 4,500,000 Euros.

This is one of the 300 artificially made small islands with an area from 6 to 25 acres. There are two possible ways to get there - by helicopter or on a boat...


A Racer

An Amazing Volcano Eruption (25 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       2 Feb 2011       8097

This is the 4,662 foot high Shinmoedake volcano in Japan. This volcano has erupted several times recently. This new eruption is amazing to watch as it belches smoke and ash high into the air. This causes officials to cancel flights into the area and restrict access to the mountain and no one was injured.



An Amazing Volcano Eruption

Drowsy Doggies (23 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       2 Feb 2011       16137

These dogs must get awful tired when they eat. They all fall asleep in their dog bowls. Well, eating does make a dog sleepy. I wonder if there was any turkey in those dog bowls, since turkey makes humans so sleepy at Thanksgiving.

Drowsy Doggies

Daily picdump (105 pics)

Posted in DAILY       1 Feb 2011       23826
Daily picdump
Daily picdump
Daily picdump

Photoshop Problems (23 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       23322

It is all fun until someone gets hurt, right. Watch what happens when a simple photo is cropped so much that the parents are accused of being bad parents.


Photoshop Problems

Creepy man (1 pic)

Posted in BLOGS       1 Feb 2011       1872

How People and Things Change over Time (55 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       43666

Nothing stays the same over time. People grow up from little kids to adults, old characters follow new fashion and companies change their brand images. Inside this post you can see various before and after photos.


Kristen Stewart

How People and Things Change over Time

Eye on Stars: Expensive Gifts, Facebook Tattoo, Upset Over Nude Photos and More Hollywood News (11 pics)

Posted in CELEBS       1 Feb 2011       11531

Diddy gives gift to son for being an honor student


Stunning Animated Gifs (37 gifs)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       34827

These are some stunning and awesome animated gif pictures. Beware that you will feel a bit dizzy if you stare for too long.


Stunning Animated Gifs

Daily Stare: Freeze Frame (15 pics)

Posted in PICDUMPS       1 Feb 2011       7911

Snow and freezing rain drizzle across the country freezing us all and making us snowbound. Take a time out and enjoy some freeze frames with us.


Amazon Natives

Undated photo of rare untouched Indians taken from a Brazilian recon aircraft as it flies over the forest near the border of Peru.


These funny animals (42 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       7081
These funny animals
These funny animals

Tilted Tens: Love Hurts (11 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       10738

It is easy to find great pictures for February and we wanted to put a little slant on what Love means or could mean to each of us.  Of course we threw a bit of sarcasm in with the mix, and we hope you find these as funny to read as we did to create.


Lay it on the Line


It Will Guess Your Number

Posted in FLASH       1 Feb 2011       44884
It’s simple, just pick any number from the shown below, follow the instructions and you’ll see the magic happen ;)
You don’t believe me? Just try it out!

It Will Guess Your Number

Uncanny Factoid: Barbie Fling (2 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       5452

It was Valentine’s Day, 2004 when Ken and Barbie broke up, and Ken has had sad Valentine’s day since. He watches her with her new guy Blaine and his heart aches.


Uncanny Factoid: Barbie Fling

Better Than Inception

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       11677

This is Inception on a very deep level…

Better Than Inception

A Six-year-old Chinese Outcast (15 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       16297

This young boy has lost his parents to AIDs. Ah Long is only 6 years old. He was born with HIV. He lives in his parents’ shack in Guangxi Province, China. And he has to fend for himself because most people are afraid to get close enough to care for him. His only friend is his dog.


A Six-year-old Chinese Outcast

Just a Gloomy Morning (7 pics)

Posted in       1 Feb 2011       9311

This picture was taken in Canada by a passing-by driver on January 30.


Just a Gloomy Morning

Hilarious Headlines (26 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       16567

Headlines can be very depressing and full of doom and gloom. However, every now and again you come across a headline that makes you wonder if they use proofreaders anymore. These are some very funny headlines that most have surely embarrassed some editors when they were published.

Hilarious Headlines

Great Mother Drawing (4 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       13776

In this cartoon you have to expect the unexpected.


Great Mother Drawing

Icredible Pillar Island (19 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       19473

Staffa, a name for pillar island, is an island of the Inner Hebrides in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The Vikings gave it this name as its columnar basalt reminded them of their houses, which were built from vertically placed tree-logs. The island is entirely of volcanic origin. It lies about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west of the Isle of Mull. The area is 33 hectares (0.13 sq mi).


Icredible Pillar Island

Beautiful Photographs (50 pics)

Posted in PICTURES       1 Feb 2011       12850

These are some amazing photographs mostly of beautiful skies. The colors in them are absolutely breathtaking. There is some incredible contrast between the sky and the landscape in many of them.

Beautiful Photographs

Covered Kitties (45 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       1 Feb 2011       6660

These cute little kittens are all covered in cute little hoodies. They look so comfortable and cuddly. These hoodies can be made out of anything but the snuggest ones are most likely knitted with a lot of love.


Covered Kitties
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