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Earth from Space (20 pics)

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You’ll never truly appreciate how beautiful earth is until you check out these pictures of images of earth as it is viewed from space.


Parana River Delta

The Parana River delta is a huge forested marshland about 32km northeast of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Florida Everglades

Spanning the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula and most of Florida Bay, Everglades National Park is the only subtropical preserve in North America.

Richat Structure

The so-called Richat Structure is a geological formation in the Maur Adrar Desert in the African country of Mauritania.

Araca River

Brazil’s Araca River is a tributary of the Negro River, which feeds into the Amazon.

Chilean Volcanoes

On the border between Chile and the Catamarca province of Argentina lies a vast field of currently dormant volcanoes.

Dragon Lake

Nicknamed “Dragon Lake,” this body of water is formed by the Bratskove Reservoir, built along the Angara River in southern Siberia, near the city of Bratsk.


Portions of Kenya and Tanzania, Africa can be seen in this image.

Lake Carnegie

Ephemeral Lake Carnegie, in Western Australia, fills with water only during periods of significant rainfall. In dry years, it is reduced to a muddy marsh.


Complex patterns can be seen in the shallow waters along its coastline, where silt carried by the Geba and other rivers washes out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Konari, Iran

The Mand River and the small town of Konari nestle in the Zagros Mountains in western Iran.

Lena Delta

The Lena River, some 2,800 miles (4,500km) long, is one of the largest rivers in the world.

Iraqi Emplacement

In an area north of the city of Al-Basrah, Iraq, which borders Iran, a former wetland has been drained and walled off.

Greenland Coast

Along Greenland’s western coast, a small field of glaciers surrounds Baffin Bay.

Dasht-e Kevir

It is a primarily uninhabited wasteland, composed of mud and salt marshes covered with crusts of salt that protect the meager moisture from completely evaporating.

Akpatok Island

Akpatok Island lies in Ungava Bay in northern Quebec. Accessible only by air, Akpatok Island rises out of the water as sheer cliffs that soar up to 800 feet above the sea surface.

The Optimist

On the edge of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia, sand dunes are encroaching onto once-fertile lands in the north.

Great Sandy Scars

The light-colored fan shapes are scars from wildfires.


These Karman vortices formed over the islands of Broutona, Chirpoy, and Brat Chirpoyev, all part of the Kuril Island chain found between Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and Japan.

Karman Vortices

Each of these swirling clouds is a result of a meteorological phenomenon known as a Karman vortex.

Whirlpool in the Air

This image shows a spinning formation of ice, clouds, and low-lying fog off the eastern coast of Greenland.

Credits: graphic.is

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