Butt Comparisons: Which One Belong to Kate Moss? (6 pics)

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Due to Kate Moss’s eye-catching participation in the recent Louis Vuitton Paris fashion show, the fashion world was buzzing about her revealing outfit. She strutted out on the catwalk in leather micro pants and a fur-sleeved top, which let the world know that she is 37 and that perhaps age has caught up with her. In the spirit of fashion, and aging, a picture was taken of four women from 26 to 56 years of age wearing a similar outfit. Can you pick out the older behinds versus the younger ones, and can Moss hold her own against the younger booties?


Valerie Burns, 56, is a fitness instructor from Winchmore Hill, Buckinghamshire. She is married to husband Stuart with four sons aged 30, 27, 26 and 23. She is a size eight. Valerie says:

"I’ll happily wear bikinis on the beach and buy figure-hugging dresses.My shape hasn’t changed since I was in my 20s. I’m a size eight to ten and while I’ve always been active, exercise has been the key to maintaining my body through the decades. I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle, but I still have some cellulite — that’s life."

Heather Pope, 40, lives in Horsham, West Sussex, with her boyfriend of eight years and daughter Hayley, nine, from a previous relationship. She is web co-ordinator of Mountain Biking shop freeborn.co.uk. She is a size ten. Heather says:

"I’m lucky I’ve never had a problem with cellulite, but my bum was getting saggy and it was a slog getting back in shape. I joined a gym to stay a toned size ten, but I found it boring and wanted to find a more fun way to exercise. When I met my partner, who owns a chain of mountain bike shops, I decided to take up the sport too. Now I cycle three times a week outdoors, for at least an hour each time."

Tannita Davies, 32, is a legal secretary from Ditton, Kent. She is married to Ben, a designer, with two children, George, three, and Molly, one. She is a size ten to 12. Tannita says:

"I’ve got a boyish figure, but my bum is in proportion to the rest of my body — and I don’t have to worry about keeping it toned. I can’t take any credit for keeping it trim, having two young children means I’m busy running round after them all the time, but I haven’t exercised properly for years — it’s all down to good luck and good genes. I was shocked when I noticed I was starting to get cellulite. Luckily, when I cut out ice cream and switched back to my normal diet my bum and thighs went back to normal."

Sarah Skyte, 26, is a Sales Manager from Islington, North London and currently single. She is a size 12. Sarah says:

"I don’t loathe my bum, but I don’t love it, either. I’ve got a top-heavy figure and trying to balance out my curves and keep my cellulite in check requires maintenance. I know a good diet can help to diminish dimpled flesh, but I’m not always as healthy as I could be — I love to relax with wine, pizza and chocolate at the weekend — so supplements seem like a sensible way to reduce my cellulite from the inside as well as out."

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