Eye on Stars: Sean Parker's Facebook Relationship Status Changes, Shocking Nasty Spill On Dancing With The Stars And Other Hollywood News (6 pics)

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Sean Parker is Engaged

The founding president of Facebook can now officially change his Facebook relationship status to engaged. Sean Parker, portrayed as a hard partying playboy by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network proposed to Alexandra Lenas, a New York-based singer/songwriter. Parker is better known for being the Napster co-founder.

Kate Gosselin Wants You to Know That

She is struggling to find love again. Speaking to Matt Lauer on Monday’s edition of the Today Show, the reality TV star and mother of eight admitted that she has only been on half a date since her split from her husband almost two years ago because not only does she not have time to date but she is struggling to find a man willing to take on her “mess” of a family.

Laila Ali Welcomes a Girl

Laila Ali is a mom again after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. The former professional boxer tweeted that her little bundle of joy arrived at 3 a.m on her dude date and that everyone was happy and healthy. Sydney joins two-year-old big brother Curtis “CJ” Muhammad Jr.

Katie Couric Has Some Regrets about CBS Evening News

She made history as the first solo female to anchor a major network evening news broadcast but Katie Couric is the first to admit she may have tried to do too much too soon. With rumors swirling that Couric is about to leave her CBS Evening News post, the veteran reporter says in hindsight, she should have played it a little safer instead of being ambitious and toying with the format and trying new things instead of sticking to the traditional newscasts people were used to.

The Dancing With the Stars Scary Fall

DWTS is a very dramatic show with a few funny moments here and there but the nasty spill Kirstie Alley and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy took on Monday night was no laughing matter. The celebrities had to pick a song with emotional meaning revealing their pasts through their dance routines and the show progressed without a hitch until Alley and Maks took to the stage to dance the rumba to “Over the rainbow” with Alley telling the story of her move to Los Angeles to become an actress and her mother’s death in a car accident when the pair fell – much to the shock of the audience. Maks’ leg apparently gave out and he tumbled to the floor taking Alley along with him and despite the fact that Maks was wincing and clearly in pain, the pair got back up and finished their routine. In spite of the falling hiccup, the twosome scored an impressive 21 out of 30 points and lots of praise from the judges for persisting after the fall.

Justin Bieber Saves His Hot Mama

Is there anything Justin Bieber can’t do? Clearly not – and that includes saving his own mother. The pop sensation called his mother up on stage at the end of his Berlin concert on Saturday and presented her with a cake for her 35th birthday. Unfortunately she leaned a bit too close to the candles on the cake and strands of her hair caught fire. Lucky for Pattie Mallette, her attentive son noticed and quickly jumped into action patting down her mane before the fire could spread and cause some serious damage.


Tarzan 9 year s ago
i saw that episode of dancing.. it was really good to see them rise again and perform!!! hats off guys..
GOODSTUFF4U 9 year s ago
Katie Couric forgot what "reporting" the news means - there for a while she was "making" news - ie Sarah palin
Janaya 9 year s ago
Well done aritlce that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.
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