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The Top 101 Most Delicious New York Sandwiches (101 pics)

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Vegetarians need not bother with this list, as most of these sandwiches are meat focused and proud of it. I had no idea that this many sandwiches actually existed, but apparently when 10 million plus people are crammed into a small area there needs to be options to feed all of those hungry people.


101. Tuna Melt, Eisenberg’s

Tunec and rye. $7.50

100. The Elvis, Peanut Butter & Co.

Peanut butter, bacon, banana, and honey on white toast. $8.50

99. Sesame Pancake With Beef, Vanessa’s Dumplings

Thin slices of beef mingled with pickled cukes, carrots, and cilantro, dosed with Sriracha and shoved into a delicious wedge of sesame pancake. $2

98. P.H.O. Real, Sunny & Annie Deli


97. Chacarero Completo, Barros Luco

Thinly sliced beef, mild melted cheese, avocado, tomato, mayo, chiles, and stringbeans, on a smooth and slightly sweet housemade bread that makes all the difference. $7.49

96. Turkey Sandwich, Roll-n-Roaster

Warm slices of fresh-roasted turkey piled on a soft, with a brown-sugared sweet potato on the side. $4.45

95. Llanero Patacon, Patacon Pisao #2

Venezuelan patacones are constructed not with two slices of bread, but with dense, chewy discs of fried green plantains. $6.50

94. Telera Sandwich, Mangia


93. Bombay Pav Vada, Sukhadia’s

Deep-fried potato-and-chickpea croquette, painted with chutneys and smushed inside your choice of a burger bun. $4

92. Pulled Pork Sandwich, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

The Berkshire pork comes from a small Columbia County farm, the sesame-seed bun from Amy’s Bread across the hall. It’s flavored with chiles, topped with cole slaw. $9

91. Cheesesteak, 99 Miles to Philly

Beef properly cooked to a dullish gray. Onions lending their sweet sweat-sock funk. $6.95

90. Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken Breast, the Smile9

Chicken-breast sandwiches are seldom cravable. This one, roasted with harissa and honey, and with an ensemble cast of sweet roasted peppers, melted manchego, and preserved-lemon mayo. $11.50

89. Eggplant Parm, No. 7 Sub

The eggplant is deep-fried, true, but the sauce is puréed squash and the cheese is Fontina. And, of course, tucked-inside potato chips — No. 7’s signature accessory — barbecue in this case. $9

88. Chicken Club, Cipriani Dolci

The chicken is nicely poached, the bacon crisp, the mayo homemade, and the bread as well-toasted as a campfire marshmallow. $19.95

87. Peppers and Eggs, Defonte’s of Brooklyn

Do as the lady tells you and douse yours with tomato sauce, “the way they do in Red Hook.” $8.50

86. Pig’s Ass Sandwich, Casellula Cheese & Wine Café

Not one, but two excellent cheeses (Five Spoke Creamery Cheddar and the French wheat-rubbed variety, Fol Epi), never before melted over a heap of pig and pickles. $12

85. Roast Pork Special, Shorty’s

Shaved pork loin, mushy broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone, scrambled together into a pungent hash. $10

84. Chopped Liver, 2nd Ave. Deli

Not just the best overstuffed chopped-liver sandwich in town — with the requisite extra rye bread. $12.95

83. Ham and Cheese, Char No. 4

“Ham” made from house-cured pork butt pressed Cubano-style with Cheddar, perked up with pickled jalapeños and a smoked-habanero dipping sauce. $14

82. Sturgeon and Eggs, Barney Greengrass

The centenarian Sturgeon King still whips up a mean sturgeon and eggs. $13

81. Crispy Pork Sandwich, Bark

The pork fiends responsible for this exquisitely crunchy, resoundingly meaty croquette show a modicum of mercy: They top the thing with cool, refreshing cole slaw and pickles. $8.50

80. Torta Ahogada, La Superior

Heaped with carnitas and tossed like a giant pork crouton into a bowl of chile-powered tomato sauce. Eat it with a knife, a fork, a spoon, your hands, or all of the above. $9

79. Hot Roast Beef With Mutz and Gravy, John’s Deli

The “midnight gravy” lubricates the hero loaf, priming it for the tender, pinkish beef. $7.25

78. Chicken Sandwich, Chick-fil-A

77. Brisket, Blue Smoke

Very tasty brisket sandwich, mounded neatly with pickles and slaw on a housebaked brioche bun. $11.95

76. Falafel, Taïm

Herb-dappled, fried to order, and stuffed into puffy grilled pita. $5.25

75. The Scott Baio, Lioni’s

Prosciutto di Parma, soppressata, fresh mozzarella, basil mix, banana peppers stuffed with provolone and more prosciutto. $13

74. Cuma, Farinella

Melting sautéed eggplant and wheels of sublime smoked mozzarella, plus thin crusty focaccia baked by a bona fide Neapolitan pizzaiolo, equals an eggplant parm for the ages. $9.25

73. Oyster Po’ Boy, Cheeky Sandwiches


72. Fried Chicken Sandwich, Georgia’s Eastside BBQ

One assertively seasoned, crunchy-battered chicken breast. $7

71. Non Ti Scordar Di Me, Via Quadronno

Speck, Brie, and pâté on superb housemade rolls. $14.50

70. That Way, This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef


69. Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Tebaya

Deliciously greasy, Wet-nap-defying, deep-fried chicken topped with a scoop of heavily mayo’ed slaw on a squishy burger bun. $6.25

68. Reuben Crusher, R.U.B.

Made with house-smoked pastrami. $11.75

67. Cemita Al Pastor, Tulcingo del Valle

It’s the sesame-seed bun and the pungent herb papalo, the torta, and it’s the commingling of seasoned pork, pineapple, chipotles, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, and refried beans. $7.50

66. Fried Whiting Sandwich, Famous Fish Market

The peppery-battered fried whiting with a dash of Tabasco. $5.50

65. Saltimbocca, Kesté

Modestly stuffed with prosciutto di Parma, fresh mozzarella, and a drizzle of olive oil. $9

64. Marinated White Anchovies, ’wichcraft

Good anchovies, a soft-cooked egg, salsa verde, and roasted onion on country. $8.95

63. Kentucky Hot Brown, Bar Americain

Roast turkey, griddled tomato, and bacon on savory French toast, smothered in Mornay sauce. $18

62. Torta Cubana, Ricos Tacos

Scrambled eggs, crumbled sausage, an outsize chicken cutlet. $7.50

61. Le Focaccine, Sant Ambroeus

The tiny, salty, flaky, buttery housebaked rolls they call focaccine might just be the best thing to ever happen to prosciutto di Parma and fresh mozzarella. $9

60. Tea Sandwiches, Fatty Crab

Cucumbers, watercress, cream cheese. $9

59. Shrimp Roll, Luke’s Lobster

These tiny shellfish make a huge impression, spritzed with lemon butter, dusted with spices, and squeezed into a butter-toasted, lightly mayo’d bun. $7

58. Mackerel With Leeks, Num Pang

A garlic-butter-toasted Parisi bun stuffed with flaky fish, soft-cooked leeks, and a generous slathering of chili mayo. $8.20

57. Lamb Dip, ilili


56. Bacon and Marmalade on Pumpernickel, Prune

By lavishly spreading the top slice of grilled pumpernickel so that it trickles down, glazing the hot bacon like a honey-baked ham. $9

55. Picante Sandwich, Despaña

Spicy chorizo, zingy Basque peppers, and nutty, melting Mahón. $8.50

54. Croque M, the Mark

Two quail eggs. $15

53. PMB, Sullivan St. Bakery

An ingenious off-season BLT that hits all the right sweet-and-salty notes with crisped pancetta, ripe mango, and fresh basil. $6

52. BBQ Rib Sandwich, Momofuku Ssäm Bar

The succulent Heritage pork, the sturdy bun, and the oniony slaw. $12

51. Egg Toast, Blue Ribbon Bakery Market

It’s the pickled peppers that make this open-faced specimen sing. Perfectly hard-cooked eggs, olive-oil mayo, and great bread. $5.50

50. Super Heebster, Russ & Daughters

Creamy whitefish-and-baked-salmon salad to horseradish-dill cream cheese and wasabi-infused flying-fish roe. $10.45

49. Chicken Bánh Mì, Bánh Mì Saigon

Meat bathed in a funky marinade of garlic, lemongrass, and fish sauce that’s so good you might mistake it for pork. $4.25

48. Bánh Mì, Má Pêche

Layers chicken-liver pâté, ham terrine, and Vietnamese mortadella on a Tomcat baguette. $10

47. Oyster Roll, Pearl Oyster Bar

Perfectly fried oysters shoved into a butter-toasted Pepperidge Farm top-loader. $16

46. Grilled Cheese, Milk Truck

The Gruyère, bread, and butter. $5.50

45. Lamb Meatball Sliders, Locanda Verde

Garnished with goat cheese, pickled cucumbers, and tomato sauce, the meaty minis are cozily ensconced in squishy house-baked buns. $12

44. Tête de Cochon Sandwich, Resto

The curry braise, the maple Banyuls, and the pickled veggies and spicy aïoli, kind of a cross between a bánh mì, a BLT, and a St. Louis pig “snoot” sandwich. $12

43. Bacon, Egg, and Lettuce, Bklyn Larder

Hard-cooked egg, soft and creamy against the crunchy greens and thick-cut bacon. $8

42. The Mussolini, Mike’s Deli

Anchovies, cappicola and fontinella cheese. $8

41. Vegetarian Sandwich, Abraço Espresso

Broccoli rabe, butternut squash, or even asparagus, often matched with a cheese from Di Palo’s. Olive-oil-slicked-and-griddled Sullivan St. Bakery stecca makes the perfect crisp-edged foil.

40. Mumbai Grilled Sandwich, Mumbai Xpress

Swiss-style Gujarati cheese, a piquant coriander chutney. $5.99

39. Egg & Cheese, Prime Meats

The pedigree eggs come from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; the thick, chewy bacon from Faicco’s; the Cheddar from Saxelby Cheesemongers. Everything else (breakfast sausage, kaiser rolls, tender buttermilk biscuits) is made in-house. $9

38. Pork ‘Burger,’ Xi’an Famous Foods

Pulled pork piled on the Chinese equivalent of a toasted English muffin. $2

37. Eggplant Parmigiana, Catene Italian Deli

Eggplant parm with spicy tomato sauce. $6.50

36. Mushroom Sandwich, Northern Spy Food Co.

A mushroom sandwich for mushroom lovers, not a drab stand-in for meat. You don’t often encounter hen-of-the-woods between the bread, especially in such felicitous company as oil-poached potatoes and Cabot clothbound Cheddar. $10

35. Pork Meatball Hero, the Meatball Shop

Spicy pork, spicy meat sauce, crispy baguette, provolone. $9

34. Porchetta Calabrese, Salumeria Rosi

Calabrian chile paste and provolone. $11.50

33. Smoked Salmon and Caviar Croque Monsieur, Le Bernardin


32. Turkey Leg, Henry Public

The resolutely undry turkey sandwich, further improved by a potent peppery punch and thick sauce-sopping slices of Pullman toast. $12

31. Muffuletta, Fort Defiance


30. Cubano Sandwich, El Sitio


29. BLT, Frankies Spuntino

Faicco’s bacon nonpareil. $10

28. Chicken Shawarma, Karam

It’s all about the toum, the lemony Lebanese garlic sauce that has the power to transform all it touches — in this case, spit-carved chicken rolled up in a pita and smooshed in a sandwich press. $6

27. Panelle and Potato Special, Ferdinando’s Focacceria

Sicilian joint deep-fries delicious slabs of chickpea flour and potato croquettes and tucks them into a semolina roll with ricotta and Pecorino. $5

26. Country Ham Biscuit, Egg

Meat tucked into a crumbly biscuit with Grafton Cheddar and homemade fig jam. $8

25. Roast Pork With Bread and Butter Pickles and Provolone, Colicchio & Sons

A Cubano incognito, distinguished by a pronounced element of sweetness from the pickles and the garlic-confit aïoli, a nice counterpoint to the lush pork and salty country ham. That, plus an uncredited performance by a cheesesteak roll imported from Philly. $13

24. Mama’s Special, Leo’s Latticini

The freshest mozzarella, the pepperiest pepper ham, and the sleekest salami on beautiful bread with all the fixings. $7.50

23. Porchetta Sandwich, Di Palo Dairy

Italian cheese, roast an excellent porchetta. $12.99

22. Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich With House-Smoked Ham, Breslin Bar & Dining Room

A tangy three-cheese melt with house-smoked ham, and a smooth, glossy external sheen that comes from butter and grated Parmesan. $16

21. Chicken Parm, Torrisi Italian Specialties

A proud standard-bearer of the red-sauce tradition: Progresso bread-crumbed, draped with homemade mozzarella, and crowned with fresh basil inside a soft Italian roll. $7

20. Sloppy Bao, Baoguette

A Manwich for the modern multiculti appetite: curried ground beef garnished with green mango, cilantro, and as much jalapeño as you can bear. The secret ingredient? Ketchup. $7

19. Tuna, Bouchon Bakery

On a big sturdy housebaked roll with a black-olive tapenade on bottom, a pristine Bibb-lettuce leaf on top, and the freshest, herbiest, most perfectly textured tuna salad imaginable squeezing out the sides.  $9.25

18. Quattro Panino


17. Smoked Pork Shoulder Bánh Mì, Fatty ’Cue

A gourmet bánh mì upgrade (Heritage pork, spicy aïoli, housemade pork-and-duck-liver mousse) $9

16. Connecticut Lobster Roll, Red Hook Lobster Pound

Lucking meaty butter-griddled morsels into a likewise butter-griddled top-loading bun, with a final flourish of paprika and scallion. $15

15. Duke’s Churasco, Island Burgers and Shakes

Melted jack cheese and jalapeño. $10.75

14. Pastrami, Katz’s Delicatessen


13. Croque Monsieur, Bar Boulud

Ham, cheese, béchamel. $16

12. Breakfast Melt, Murray’s Cheese

A farmstead egg, smoky Nueske’s bacon, and a brash young Fontina that melts like Velveeta. $5.99

11. Smoked Meat, Mile End


10. Porchetta Sandwich, Porchetta

The essence of pig on a Sullivan St. Bakery ciabatta roll. $10

9. Meatball Sandwich, Terroir Tribeca

The most buoyant balls in a hotly contested field, distinguished by the veal-ricotta blend, the bright sauce, and a crisp, airy roll impervious to sog. $11

8. Romeo, Alidoro

Italian bread is scooped, Bel Paese is spread, smoked chicken breast is languorously sliced and generously mounded. There’s hot-pepper dressing for oomph and feathery arugula for color. $10

7. Scuttlebutt, Saltie

Salted, dimpled focaccia wedges barely contain an absurdly unwieldy Technicolor medley of vegetables, feta, and eggs. $9

6. Uni Panini, El Quinto Pino

Creamy blobs of sea-urchin roe, Korean-mustard-oil-flavored butte. $15

5. The Ruth Wilensky, Mile End

Premium brisket and short ribs, oak-smoked, and pressed inside a squishy onion roll. $7

4. Pâté Thit Nguôi, Ba Xuyen


3. Cubano Sandwich, the Spotted Pig


2. Pane e Panelle, Bar Stuzzichini

Properly thin and shatteringly crisp, with Parmesan and parsley whisked into the batter. They’re shoved into a Tomcat seeded brioche bun slathered with creamy ricotta and speckled with tangy caciocavallo. $10

1. Smoked Brisket, Fatty ’Cue

Brandt Beef brisket and Cabot clothbound Cheddar (both house-smoked) with pickled onions, aïoli, chile jam, and cilantro on toasted Parisi bread. $10

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