The Worst Photoshop Disasters (40 pics)

Posted in PHOTOSHOP       23 Aug 2011       173213       13 GALLERY VIEW

Check out this collection of complete Photoshop mishaps from the media, where they tend to exaggerate a bit.


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Beachmall: Full Face Transplant

The models for Beachmall are so stunningly beautiful that they have watermarked the images (repeatedly) so that no-one will steal them.

Makro: Inflated Hopes

The inflatability of this kayak is demonstrated by the "lighter than air" look in this photo-realistic representation. (Actual product may vary.)

Oneymoon: Onan Would Be Proud

My mother told me my arms would fall off if I did that. Seems she was right.

Angela Merkel: Not A Muggle sniggers at The German Chancellor's pants, no mention of the levitating handbag.

Two and a Half Men: Gone But Not Forgotten

Charlie has not gone - that's him drunk on the floor pointing up at his replacement.. Bathtime In The Fifth Dimension

Cracks are beginning to appear in the Corner Cubby campaign as child actor complains of interdimensional leakage.

A Local Mall: Shop Shop Shopping Shoppers

There should be more models like blue T-shirt guy. He just fits in. Everywhere.

AB Exercise Ball: Butt Clenches

...and lift...and stretch...holding the ball tightly between your buttocks...

Swatch: Switch

Undecided about which direction the model should be facing, they ended up placing a dollar each way.

Highway Code: French Mutants

So when you're driving along the A26 in France and you're wondering what the holdup is, you can think of this PSD. All US viewers are fine, this sort of mutation has only occurred in the EU so far.

Calvin Klein: Red Out

Boss: "Models genitalia too bulgy - smooth it out."

GA: "..?"

Boss: "I don't know - just do it!"

GA: "How about this, sir?

Boss: "More. There's still a bit dangling down."

GA: "Now?"

Boss: "Oh for Gods sake I'll do it myself!" (grabs stylus and scribbles furiously)

Daily Mail: Double Double Dig Dig

British tabloid journalists are well known for their excessive drinking habits, but this binge even has the readers seeing double.

Zonnig Zomervoordeel: Half Measures

Truncated but still cheerful, our plucky spokes-model delights in the latest range of leisure furniture. Ook.

Bennigans: Stump Hands™

Suddenly I'm not that hungry anymore.

Triodos Bank: She Got Legs

Help grow your investment legs with sustainable banking.

Consumerist: Intentional Stupidity

"Holy Shroud of Turin, Batman! Has that been done on purpose?"

"Possibly Robin, nevertheless I now have a pretty good idea where the Joker has been hiding."

Golden Acrylics: Shopping Crimes

Stock image - $2.50
PS "artist" - $10.00
Branding impression of a lifetime - Priceless!

Game of Thrones: Night Soil Design

A cut-back in marketing spend has publicity shots with cut-outs that would shame a two-clawed badger. Such dishonor has the fans crying 'foul'.

Brora: So One Dimensional

Children's collage or magazine mishap? A child would have taken more care around the edges. And flies? What?

Victoria's Secret: Killer Shoulder Fat

Can YOUR shoulders handle killer fat weight loss workouts? Obviously not.

Vero Moda: Photobomb

SHE'S CLEARLY JUST A MUTANT. (Or an alien? You never know.)

Victoria's Secret: Child Bearing Hips

That is crystal-nasty! And "Child bearing"!? She'd need a strap to keep the baby in place!

Victoria's Secret: With or Without it?

We are ready for publishing boss.

Daim: One for the road

Warning: over-consumption of chocolate may cause headaches, dizziness, and giant Chimpanzee hands.

Occasions: Splice and Dice

Being an ex magician's assistant should never stop you from pursuing a fulfilling career in modelling.

Plotek: Stop the Violence

What? I have to make sure none of their legs are cut off?

I Deserve It: Why?

Each time you look at it, that hand gets more disturbing.

X Factor: Really?

Really? I mean, really?

Vogue: Forewarned is Forearmed

We may have found the limits of good taste. I give you... Elizabethan Goth.

GQ: Bastian Schweinsteiger

There's an old saying in German, "Wir kommen aus der spiegel, aber wir sind nicht frühstück hunden", which roughly translated means, "He who abuses Photoshop abuses themselves".

Parental Gratification – Explicitly Content

Stretch Minaj™ suddenly looked as shocked as Becky, and her expression frightened our daughter so much that she ran out of the house screaming. We haven’t seen her since. I’d just like to thank you for this wonderful product, as we were thinking of putting Becky up for adoption anyway.

Marie Claire: Beaten Around The Bush

Arr, ye be shootin' near the old shed of doom, yarr. Strange things happen there, things that would make yer hair all fall out. Yarr. Shed of doom.

A4: Dream Team

Helpful tip: Lay off the ketamine while you're on a pay gig.

Vog: Unvogettable

As the world's premier forum for art criticism, it falls to us to congratulate TBWA Turkey on their groundbreaking decision to hire a blind Art Director.

Neck Solutions: Easy Heating

It's also a good idea for family to stand 3-4 feet away from the microwave when it is operating - just to be on the safe side!

Pearl: Three Finger Discount

Touch screen for the digitally challenged.

LaCapital: Funny Money

I gotta 'hand' it to Carlos (LOLE*) Reutemann, printing your own money sounds like a really good idea.

Home Depot: Running With Scissors

It's great when you can bring your kids to the office for some "work experience".

A16: Dangling Participle

While rock-climbing, hazardous cloning endangers falling.*

Pop Up Pet Crates: Doggone!

A half pet is better than no pet at all... no wait!


whatwhatwhat 11 year s ago
Wir kommen aus der spiegel, aber wir sind nicht frühstück hunden. This is anything but not an old german saying....
Jersey Petey 11 year s ago
That's total nonsense in German and it is not a old saying: you wrote something like: "We are coming from the mirror, but we are not breakfast doggies in that"

QUOTED from some blog...that was populated with some real gruesome idiots in the comments section. But what does that mean? One poster got trounced for suggesting that is means: He who abuses Photoshop abuses himself. Boy, the resident hienies beat the crap outta him for that. Above is only a sample. Google search.
Jayzen Freeze 11 year s ago
#25 #30 I dont see it.
Tarzan 11 year s ago
#25 thin legs
#30 big head
Kool 11 year s ago
Jayzen Freeze,
Positions & Proportions

#25 Only would happens if your legs are like accessories
#30 Head too big in a small body package.

I laugh out loud with #9, #20, #21, #22, #23
GOODSTUFF4U 11 year s ago
clever ads

Jayzen Freeze 11 year s ago
#30 has a huge head in real life I thought it looked normal for him lol
Puuit 11 year s ago
Erm... what the hell does the german "old saying" mean?? It's totally nonesense without grammar."Wir kommen aus der spiegel, aber wir sind nicht frühstück hunden" would be something like "We come out of one mirrors, but we are not breakfast them dogs." WTF?
Cheap oem software 11 year s ago
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Yamile 11 year s ago
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Malatya 11 year s ago
06.18.07 at 4:10 pmAwful Chieffantasy fbatooll is a good time if kept in perspective. if you are in a league that awards a trophy or even worse a championship ring get out now. playing for cash is what grown men play for, not trophies.I like the idea of a gold figurine sitting at a computer with terrible posture perched atop a trophy.
Hundefrühstück 11 year s ago
Sorry, #30 is not a fail. Bastian "Schweini" Schweinsteiger does really look like this...
Kajsa 10 year s ago
Number #24 isn't a fail, the big chocolate bar is actually that big...




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