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Video selection (17 videos)

Posted in Videos of the day   24 Aug 2011   / 3331 views

Most rated videos

One Fail Is Someone Else’s Win

Download video:One Fail Is Someone Else’s WinOne Fail Is Someone Else’s Win

August Fail Compilation

Download video:August Fail CompilationAugust Fail Compilation

Spectacular Crash

Download video:Spectacular CrashSpectacular Crash

Most Tolerant Cat in the Whole World

Download video:Most Tolerant Cat in the Whole WorldMost Tolerant Cat in the Whole World

Meet the Russian “Elvis Presley”

Download video:Meet the Russian “Elvis Presley”Meet the Russian “Elvis Presley”

Amazing Sand Art

Download video:Amazing Sand ArtAmazing Sand Art

Losing with Style

Download video:Losing with StyleLosing with Style

F1 Cats

Download video:F1 CatsF1 Cats

Obama’s Secret Handshake

Download video:Obama’s Secret HandshakeObama’s Secret Handshake

Hilarious Earthquake Interview

Download video:Hilarious Earthquake InterviewHilarious Earthquake Interview

Japanese People Act Crazy When They’re Out of Milk!

Download video:Japanese People Act Crazy When They’re Out of Milk!Japanese People Act Crazy When They’re Out of Milk!

Female Reporter Makes Unexpected Encounter

Download video:Female Reporter Makes Unexpected EncounterFemale Reporter Makes Unexpected Encounter

Extreme Base Jumping

Download video:Extreme Base JumpingExtreme Base Jumping

Hooligan on Mobility Scooter Attacks Referee

Download video:Hooligan on Mobility Scooter Attacks RefereeHooligan on Mobility Scooter Attacks Referee

Talking Cat Is Shocked

Download video:Talking Cat Is ShockedTalking Cat Is Shocked

Longboarding Freeride

Download video:Longboarding FreerideLongboarding Freeride

Police Officers vs Ranting Woman

Download video:Police Officers vs Ranting Woman
Most watched videos from the previous selection

Girl Riding Scooter Fail

Download video:Girl Riding Scooter FailGirl Riding Scooter Fail

Dumbass Ruins Motorcycle

Download video:Dumbass Ruins MotorcycleDumbass Ruins Motorcycle

Ducks Activated Turbo Mode

Download video:Ducks Activated Turbo ModeDucks Activated Turbo Mode
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