Completely Disgusting Food Dishes From Around the Globe (20 pics)

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I dare you to try even one of these truly vomit inducing dishes. Between the fried spiders, baby mice and cobra hearts you are sure to find something that will either cause you to wretch or run screaming.


P.S. Not for faint-hearted.

Road Trip Cambodia: Itsy Bitsy Spiders

In Cambodia the habit of eating fried tarantulas began during a period of starvation in history, but nowadays they are considered to be quite a delicacy.

Balut, Phillippines

Balut is a “snack” consisting in a half-fertilized duck or chicken egg, served with a little salt after being boiled. One can find it all over the streets and markets of Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and it is as popular as hotdogs are in the US.

Snake and Scorpion Wine

This unusual type of liquor can be found in Asia mostly and it is made out of a dipping Cobra or scorpion into a rice wine bottle. After a few months of fermentation, the venom is dissolved and the drink is good to serve!

Cobra Heart, Vietnam

In Vietnam one can serve a live cobra’s heart: some eat it raw, along with a cobra blood chaser while others prefer to have it with some rice wine.

Birds Nest Soup, China

The saliva of the birds give this soup its unicity. It is one of the most expensive products consumed by humans, because of the difficulty in getting it.

Baby Mice Wine

Traditional in China and Korea, baby mice wine is considered to be a “health tonic”. The confessed taste: raw gasoline. While still alive, newborn mice are thrown into bottles full of rice wine and left there to ferment.

Casu Marzu, Sardinia

This is a type of cheese that few people would try, as it is stuffed with insect larva. Often referred to as “maggot cheese”. It is consumed while the living beings inside it are still alive, otherwise it is said to be toxic.

Kopi Luwak, Indonesia

This is the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world, but still you might want to reconsider it, when someone politely invites you to sip from a mug full of it. Why? Because it is made out of the excrements of a creature that resembles a cat, called the Luwak.

Tuna Eyeball

Usually served in Japan and China, the tuna eyeball is another weird dish that might not be for everyone’s taste. They say it tastes much better than it looks.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

One might be tempted to think that these oysters can’t be much different from the ones you find at the bottom of the ocean, while they are, in fact, something totally different. A buffalo’s fried testicles got this name because it sounds more fancy. Best way to cook: peel, boil, roll into flour mixture and fry.


The poisonous Puffer Fish is a great sensation in many restaurants of the world. The thing is that only very qualified and trained cooks are allowed to prepare it, because of something goes wrong…well, let’s say that it could be your last meal.


Insects make an old dish in many parts of the world, except Europe and North America. Served all crispy, they make perfect nutricious snacks!

Escamoles – Mexico

This weird dish comes from Mexico, from giant black ants. They make their nests in the roots of some plants.Collecting these eggs is not the most pleasant job one can get, since their owners are venonous and creepy. The eggs taste like buttery, being slightly nutty.

Mongolian Boodog

This one is prepared by cooking the animal – usually a goat or a marmot from inside out. Yes, the WHOLE animal. Mongolians are the best cooks for this: the animalis cooked in its own skin, with the help of hot rocks.

Whole Sheep’s Head

This dish can be served with or without brains: the head, of course. It is considered to be a delicacy even in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe areas.

Bat Soup

Even though bats are considered to be notorious disease carriers, they are still served in soups cooked mainly in Thailand and Guam, some parts of China even.

Ox Penis

Cooked by steaming, deep frying or simply consumed raw, the ox penis is commonly eaten by humans in the Oriental countries. In the Western countries, ox penises are usually dried out and served as dog food.

Caterpillar Fungus

This is a fungus, a parasitic one, that invades the body of the insect larvae, eventually killing and mummifying the caterpillars. Mostly used as a medicine or as an aphrodisiac, the Caterpillar Fungus can be also served in soups.

Human Placenta

People who dare it this believe that it prevents postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications. There are various recipes to prepare it, even cocktails and it is found mostly in America and Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, China, and the Pacific Islands.


This is a rather gross drink, consisting in fermented mare milk. Because a female horse’s milk contains more sugars than the fermented cow’s or goat’s milk, kumis has a higher, though still mild, alcohol content. It also has a strong laxative effect.

meukr 9 year s ago
i'm a chef,i've worked in many european country and i honestly never seen a restaurant that would serve a Whole Sheep’s Head O_o......but i have to admitt that most of the dirtiest food you can eat come from asia
Enter your name 9 year s ago
I have seen a whole sheep with all of his part served in Middle east and the people there serve the head to the guest or something like that
Natroxz 9 year s ago
This dish is most common in the nothern part of Norway, around Bergen.
It´s called " SmalaHoved "
gfdgfdgfdgsdfgdsf 9 year s ago
this list is incomplete! the worst skandinavian dish is the Surströmming!!!!!!!!!! try it.
Cads 9 year s ago
All parts of a sheep or a goat is edible for most Arabs.. Even sheep's guts are stuffed and served for the dearest.
Alkhoren 9 year s ago
#8 You failed to precise the dung part of the ecrement is remove only to keep the nuts. That makes it less disguting.
lolzz 9 year s ago
aaah.. this post made my desk all messy again...
Enter your name 9 year s ago
nothing worst than bad chinese
Cream 9 year s ago
are you a fucking retard? white trash is using your double standard again against people who you are envying. some of your white people's foods are the worst to many people in the world.
Nezumi 9 year s ago
Sheep's head is a disgusting dish?
Mercutio 9 year s ago
How about Hákarl? Rotten shark at its best in Iceland!.... Yuk.....
And the sheep's head? Icelandic as well (called Svið).
Athena 9 year s ago
I think I just threw up a little. Disgusting, who could possibly eat this! Clearly some people don't need their food to look appealing.
Mr. Ree 9 year s ago
So, if you tell someone to 'eat shit', depending on where in the world you are, you may be cussing at them or complimenting them on their fine choice of cuisine...
ptpie 9 year s ago
danny pinto 9 year s ago
beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, one man's food is another mans' poison.
Every country has it's own speciality !!
some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the Pot 9 days old !!
chill & cheers, get on with life.
Buy oem software 9 year s ago
Kk3Sif I decided to help and sent a post to the social bookmarks. I hope to raise it in popularity!!...
mr774 9 year s ago
Is there anybody who tried all menus above?

By the way, tuna eye is my favorite one!
It contains much of EPA.
kerem 8 year s ago
thank god I am not chinese!
rani.jaser 7 year s ago
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakh wtf



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