Creative Bench Advertising (23 pics)

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People spend a big amount of time away from home. So advertising agencies have nothing left to do but master the most of the street “media”, including city benches.


Victoria's Secret Bench

Victoria’s Secret placed its bench in the subway. This bench is very close to the poster with supermodel Adriana Lima in bra from the new VS collection.

Nike Bench Advertisement

Nike prevented people from sitting on benches. The company has removed the planks where you could sit and left only the backrests.

Companhia Athletica Bench Advertisement

Companhia Athletica placed slanted benches in parks. Every time someone tries to sit down, they slide off.

Cancer Research Fundraising Bench

Cancer Research UK used engraved memorial park benches to commemorable people who survided the disease. “Susan James liked to sit here. And she still loves it thanks to cancer research”, one can read on each of the 8 benches.

Listerine Mouthwash Park Bench

People who use mouthwash can sit together. People who don’t use mouthwash should sit separately. This is the idea of this advertising campaign.

GelaToni Diet Bench

This broken bench was installed to advertise GelaToni Diet dietary gelatin. It simulates that an overweight person sat on it. A sticker saying “Control your body weight with GelaToni Diet” is pasted on the backrest’s front.

Becherovka “Get Closer” Bench

Becherovka is traditional Czech liquor that captured long-term commucation stategy in a slogan “Get closer”.

Slim Fast Diet Drink Bench

This small bench is an ad created by McCann Erickson for Slim Fast, a diet drink. The bench implies that people who are not able to sit on it have to lose weight.

Denver Water Bench

This bench features the Denver Water’s slogan “Use only what you need” placed on corners of the park benches leaving the rest of them blank. The goal of this campaign is to reduce water consumption.

Another Denver Water Bench

The Denver Water also used the two benches of various sizes to demonstrate the difference between how much we consumpt the water and how much we really need.

Pampers Bench Advertisement

“See how sitting can be a real work-out”, this bench says.

Giant Bench in London

This giant bench used as part of Panasonic advertisement is made from wood and then artworked. The bench had graffiti applied with names and tags and was then distressed to look weathered.

Martial Arts Academy Bench

This bench, made of stone, had a crack in it. Martial Arts Academy placed a sticker under the crack, indicating that someone had hit the bench with the palm of his hand.

Hinz & Kunzt Street Newspaper Bench

Homeless people usually sleep on benches in parks and this way Hinz & Kunzt Street Newspaper wants to make people aware these are far from ideal circumstances to live. The sign on the bench says, “Don’t let this place be a home”.

‘Cozy’ Bench

For the campaign called “A Little Fabric Makes A Big Difference”, Ikea covered everyday items such as benches with fabric. One result was this “cozy” sitting place.

Streetwear Clothing Bench

What do you give a skater for Christmas? Sooruz in France have it worked out in this print advertising campaign. It wraped up a bench and tied it with a ribbon adding the words, “Merry Xmas”.

Pack n’Ship Bench

Cool and funny Fedex bench ad for its Pack n' Ship service campaign.

Kit Kat Bench

Kit Kat advertises with the slogan, “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”. A bench is a great way to promote their four-finger chocolate-covered biscuit bar.

Toyota Free Solar WiFi Bench

Toyota has planted this 18-foot tall “solar flower” to promote its new Prius car. The solar panels attached to the petals provide electricity to allow people charge their devices. Besides, it provides free WiFi.

Superette’s Bench Thigh-vertising

DDB New Zealand came up with this creative campaign for Superette. The thigh-vertising bench contains an indented plate with the words “Short shorts on sale Superette.” Girls who sit on such a bench get imprints on the backs of their legs drawing people’s attention.

Kellogg’s Special K

This bench bends downwards when someone is sitting on. The sign on the bench says, “Time for special K, 99% Fat Free”.

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