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Genius Street Pole Advertising (22 pics)

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Electricity, lighting and other street poles are ideal place for creative city advertising. Genius pole banners attract attention even at big distances.


Pole Dance Studio

Ideaworks used street poles to advertise fashion underclothes.Paris lighting poles were transformed into strip tease poles –clever night club advertising.

Women on Poles

This genius idea is meant for a company that manufactures anti-rat products.

The World’s Sharpest Blade

The Indian department of Publicis Ambience has placed these billboards along the roads of Mumbai.

The World’s Sharpest Knife

Zwilling knives can even cut a street pole.

The Supporting Bones

Publicis Jakarta Agency advertised its calcium pills Dumocalcin on the interchange support poles.

Teeth You Can Tear Off

Dentist John Mullaly advertised his services by posting tear-off flyers that looked like teeth with the telephone number.

Electrical Line Notes

Calcutta music school used electrical line as a stave where Ogilvy & Mother agency placed musical note signs from the compositions by Bach, Mozart and Haydn.

Hairy Noses

Saatchi & Saatchi Agency used electrical line poles in Indonesia to advertise nose hair trimmer.

Severe Headache

Ibuprofen (medication that treats migraine headaches) advertisement.

Gibbets on the Road

The poles in Germany were turned into gibbets during the Amnesty International campaign.

Highland Games Pole

Ad agency Hangar 18 Creative Group from Vancouver created this fun pole ad for the 2005 BC Highland Games.

Fertilizers for Poles

The poles and pillars were turned into bamboo sprouts, palm trees and cactuses during the advertising campaign for the fertilizer manufacturer Seramis.

Coffee Light Pole

This pole was turned into a clever Coffee ad for McDonald’s.

Here Comes a Giraffe

This fun light pole ad called “Meet A Giraffe” was made for San Francisco Zoo.

Pole Delivery

“If it is where it belongs, it was probably delivered by DHL”.

Body as a Pole

Street pole dressed in bikini should convince customers to eat low fat products.

Shirts for Any Body Shapes

Artesanos Camiseros promotes its tailored shirts for people with unusual and problematic body shapes in Switzerland.

Thin TVs

Samsung TV sets are so thin they fit on light poles in Brazil.

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