Shocking “Occupy Wall Street” Protest Images (41 pics + 3 videos)

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On Sunday thousands of people took to the New York streets to protest Wall Street excess, greed and corruption, but 100 plus people were arrested. These images and videos show that many of these protestors were mistreated and abused by the NYPD.


"Julie was pepper sprayed on 12th and university along with 5 other people. reports nypd targeted the women.

"Julie and @society_society both pepper sprayed in faces. #occupywallstreet #ourwallstreet"

"Protested falls to his knees in tears in front of Chase Bank crying - this is the bank that took my parents' home."

Mass arrest screenshot

"Stumbled into NYPD arresting members of the Occupy Wall Street protest."

"Mass arrest happening at 13th near 5th ave now WallStreet"

Protesters march north from Wall Street

As the march reached Union Square, things turned ugly.

Protesters crawl on their knees after being sprayed with pepper spray.

Two white-collar police officers arresting a young woman for filming them.

No drums on Wall Street.

Post-pepper spray.

"University Place and 12th Street. Watch the man in the red shirt get pushed by a cop, then raise his hands and back away. As he tries to speak peacefully to the officer, he is tackled violently to the ground and arrested."

In this video, a group of female protesters are corralled by police before being pepper-sprayed.

Cop knee on throat.

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ptpie 9 year s ago
wow already
Sigh 9 year s ago
Wow is right: talk about an incredibly misleading series of captions and incomplete images and videos. 300 losers went into the area, started breaking things, so the cops broke up the meeting and these chumps went home to whine and complain about being brutalized by the man. Pathetic
anonymouse 9 year s ago
sigh, could you be any more ignorant?
do you have any any any idea what you're talking about?
do you know what this movement is about? or how about the fact that hundreds and hundreds of those protestors have been there for nine days already? its an occupation, not an assault.
If they were "breaking" things on wall street, the most powerful financial center in the world, they would have much bigger problems to worry about.
almcgd 9 year s ago
Other countries take note................ Thats how you do it.
On another note though, thousands, are you sure isismile? other sites say a few hundred?
And please dont get political, thats not what i come on this site for.
USMCOgre 9 year s ago
Seriously, everywhere is reporting 2 to 3 hundred max. What a joke of a submission.
Enter your name 9 year s ago
Those people showed up expecting to do whatever needed to get arrested and create problems.
occupywallstreet 9 year s ago
NO they showed up expecting to get arrested, but they certainly didnt go out of their way to do so, why would someone do that??
100 people were arrested that day. All of them wanted to be thrown in jail? or pepper sprayed?

its a protest! they didn't create the problems! they are fighting against those that made the problems!
Copnick 9 year s ago
i fought the law and the law won!
USMCOgre 9 year s ago
Thousands? lol. It was a couple hundred, and they were arrested for blocking traffic and assaulting a cop. The police reports are online. These dumb ass hippies will accomplish nothing the way they are going about it. Hilarious.
Enter your name 9 year s ago
Heroes my ass. Those bastards were just in the right place at the wrong time during 9/11. Police brutality will always be a huge issue in America and only in America. What the fuck is wrong with America?
lolcops 9 year s ago
look at those plumb bastards groping the gals... beat the s**t out of kids... germany 1938 i suppose.
theozzie11 9 year s ago
more people with cameras than actual protestors......these fucking northerners have watched way to much tv....these people are a disgrace to the right to protest
Randomdude 9 year s ago
And still USA/EU dare to give 3rd world countries lessons about freedom of speech and democracy. What a joke.
Jersey Petey 9 year s ago
I was at the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention. I lived on the streets for two weeks. I protested in the parks every night. I threw rocks at police cars. I got tear gassed. I was about 22 years old and a stone hippie.
Ya know what, kids? It was fun. It was a fuckin riot...literally. I never had a better time except maybe Woodstock.
And I'm still telling great legends and myths about both to this very day.
(You should see a kid's eyes when you tell him you saw Jim Morrison live at the late show at Filmore East...)
Jokr8790 9 year s ago
Hey Jersey Petey, you threw rocks at police cars in Chicago in 1968. Then you were one of the assholes who provoked the cops and have them an excuse for beating kids'heads in. Fuck you. Stay out of New York. You're just going to cause problems.
Gigigogo 9 year s ago
welcome to USA where if someone complain get arrested but if shut up everyone is happy; what a shitty place USA !! Coz of this sucking place we are fucked all around the world; thanks stupid morons!
lobo 9 year s ago
When i read some of those responses above, it says clearly that America should accept the corruption and the social inequality that results of the financial, bank corruption. In other words the working mass, that provides the wealth (feeds the police, the politics, the army, health, education, …) of a country, should put their money into a system that eventually is allowed to corrupt them or steal all their money.

A strong economy means also a system that protects those who are at the base of that economy, the working mass.
Enter your name 9 year s ago
Fuck America and all its citizens. Especially USMC Ogre - marine faggot. These few hundred were there fighting for you, and you dumbshit, ignorant, bush-loving neo nazis think they "showed up expecting to do whatever needed to get arrested and create problems." You define americunt.
Tinerman 9 year s ago
USMC has your number, see you soon stupid...

The protest was a joke, in a city of millions only a couple of hundred showed up, all with cameras and half the pictures show them hitting the police. Pretty good country to live in, protest peacefully and you have no problems.
reddragon 9 year s ago
fuck america...ur downfall is near...true mussalmaan from pakistan.
mohamed talaat 9 year s ago
as an Egyptian this reminds me w/ z way tht z riot police used 2 do w/ us in Egypt they used 2 use tear gas & it is nothing compared 2 pepper spray z issue is tht violence, blood & arrests cause z protests 2 gain more empathy from others ordinary ppl my peace of advice 2 u use ths brutal ways in forcing z protesters 2 disperse 2 undermined their illegitimate demands I hate whose business men & companies owners they r using z police 2 defend their interests even if it was on z expense of others good luck 4 u guys hope tht u get wht u r demanding 4 :D
thelongversion 9 year s ago
Never saw any photos or videos like this at Tea Party protests which had much higher numbers than the deal on Wall Street. Makes you wonder how the media can say the 99% is simply the Tea Party of the left. They're not even close and these photos prove it. Tea Party members are working, law abiding, and understand what will happen if you screw with police! In other words they're not stupid.



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