Steve Jobs’ Unique and World Altering Career Remembered (45 pics)

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Yesterday marked a sad day for millions of people the world around, as Apple founder and business visionary Steve Jobs passed away following a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

In honor of his memory and legacy, we are offering a reflection back on his long and storied career. During a nearly forty-year career in Silicon Valley, Jobs revolutionized entire industries and stuck to his vision for a better world.


Computer genius/geek

Starting in 1976, Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc., a company that was focused on personal computing. Due to Jobs’ forward thinking he saw the massive potential for a graphical computer interface. He is also the reason we all use a mouse and “click” to get things done on any computer.

Early ally

Along with high school friend Wozniak, Jobs worked as a student trainee at Hewlett-Packard. Jobs briefly attended Reed College, but dropped out and ended up auditing a few classes, one of which, calligraphy, inspired him while creating the Mac. However, in 1974 Jobs and Wozniak attend meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club.

Revolution in a Box

From this partnership came the very first Apple computer, initially only available in Bay Area stores at a cost of $666.66. This “computer” consisted of a pair of printed circuit boards, various parts and a 16-page manual. In order to use the computer, the user had to have access to a power supply, keyboard and monitor.

The astute and determined leader

His technical mastery was only surpassed by his entrepreneurial vision. He was notoriously stubborn, and had an unshakeable faith in his vision, which led to many internal disputes with colleagues and pegged him as a firm and picky businessman.


In 1983, Jobs hired PepsiCo President John Sculley (pictured in the center) to run Apple. However, this decision proved unfortunate, and caused a sharp market decline by Apple, which lead to a halting of production and a complete review of the company’s marketing and production strategies. By 1985, Jobs was ousted from the company, even though he was one of the founders.

The next big move

Despite Jobs’ firing he gained tremendous momentum and forged on with his personal computing vision. His following venture would be NeXT Computer, where he built an elegant PC in black alloy, with an advanced graphical interface, Ethernet port and other technological advancements. The computer was too expensive for the average consumer but his invention was a huge step forward for PCs.

Redemption: Return to Apple

Without Jobs Apple floundered and nearly went bankrupt in the mid 90s. In 1996 Apple purchased NeXT Computer for $429 million, thereby bringing Jobs back into the fold. By 1998, Jobs was awarded the CEO position.

Jobs immediate impact

Many of the NeXT Computer innovations were applied to the next generation of Apple computers. In addition, a series of innovative new products and services, such as the iMac and Apple retail stores were unveiled.


Aside from Jobs’ successes at Apple his animation company Pixar produced the hit 1995 movie “Toy Story,” which amassed an impressive $360 million and turned Pixar into one of the largest Hollywood studios. Since then, the studio has put out a variety of successful films, including Finding Nemo, Cars, Wall-E and Up. In 2006, Disney purchased Pixar for a whopping $7.4 billion, of which Jobs owned a big chunk of shares.

Rock and roll time

In 2001 Apple released the revolutionary and stylish iPod, which Jobs rightly predicted would completely change the way people listen to music. In addition, iTunes is launched, which turns the music industry upside down. In the above 2004 picture rock group U2 participated in the unveiling of their own unique iPod for their album release.

iPhone revolution

In 2007, Jobs does it again by revealing the world changing iPhone, which revolutionizes the way people interact with their phones. More than 6 million copies were sold after its release, making it one of the most popular phones on the market. Not only can users make phone calls with the iPhone, but they can also access the Internet, use applications and all with the touch or swipe of a finger. The iPhone also creates an entirely new industry, cell phone app development.

The tablet arrives

In January of 2010 Jobs announces that Apple will be introducing a new kind of computer, which ends up being the iPad. This device proves to be another computing revolution, with a touch screen that enables users to read books, play games, watch videos, access the Internet and much more.

In business and in terms of technology Jobs liked to follow the motto of famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky, “skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been.” Jobs was certainly several steps ahead of everyone else, and the world is a better place for it.

Steve Jobs’ empty chair at the last Apple Keynote speech

Adr jtc 11 year s ago
rahulsalagare 11 year s ago
RIP steve.. i love you!! 43 should be the new apple logo :)
skydancer 11 year s ago
First computer in our home was an Apple II+
Enter your name 11 year s ago
That apple drawing on #35 man...
SuperTard 11 year s ago
my much appreciated and eagerly anticipated condolences to this dude's family.
Lucifer 11 year s ago
Died of embarrasement because of iPhone 4s
reply to Lucifer 11 year s ago
how right you are...that 4S would have never seen light of day if Jobs was running things...horrid "upgrade"..

Thank you Steve Jobs...and RIP bro..
Khysiek 11 year s ago
While he was genius at marketing he barely invented anything. Mouse and graphical user interface were invented in Xerox Labs, these ideas were copied by Microsoft and Apple. Tablet and touchscreen interface was also invented by others many years ago. So Jobs just bring them to mass market. This is typical for many companies and it's good for overall progress. But what is Apple doing now is shame.
Copy, patent and sue everybody else using similar technics ideas.
Enter your name 11 year s ago
And not a single fuck was given.
For fuck's sake, hipsterism is approaching religious cult-levels of retardation.

Why paint a dick at #35? I wasn't a fan of Steve Jobs, his death is unfortunate but hardly "a tragedy".

But it's a bit low to go to one of those (pathetic) memorials and paint a dick on the window. That's just not cool.
delilah 11 year s ago
this man has ever made something for the poor ones? something for the hungry children from all around the world? ni dont think so..he did for him and his family...he has not my respect..fucker!
lolipop 11 year s ago
gnihtyreve 11 year s ago
He is not Diana. Let him go Apple fanboy
easytodo 11 year s ago
People may agree or not, it works that way when someone leaves a mark in history - Surely he did not save all the poor countries in the world, he did not fix the ozone hole, he did not invent the clean energy... but none did till now. Steve Jobs hasn't just been selling Apple products, he put something inside them, you can call as you want, I call it "inspiration".
ptpie 11 year s ago
he donated a lot of money in his time. so there!
4down2 11 year s ago
Gave a lot to mankind !




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