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Interesting Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope stills. Darth Vader see-through mask eyes (2 pics)

Posted in Blogs   23 Oct 2011   / 19051 views

I read a rumour online that stated you could see through Darth Vader's mask eye-lenses at the end of the movie, during the Death Star trench scene, and see David Prowse's eyes(Darth Vader's 'body' actor in Eps I -> III). I had some free time today and slow-mo'ed through my Special Edition DVD with these parts with Darth Vader and confirmed this (see pic 1). More interestingly, and I think I'm the first to see this, it seems like digital artists have composited Hayden Christian's "yellow" eye onto a shot (see pic 2). This is weird because you can see both David Prowse's eye AND Hayden Christian's "yellowed" eye super-imposed above it. It happens at 01:50:32 on my UK, Region 2 DVD. I used VLC to alter "Adjust and effects" to find these. For my monitor, hue is set to lowest, Contrast is set full, brightness is set to ~80%, saturation 50% and gamma 10%.


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gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
just noticed this, and... cool! nice find!

not sure what you mean by hayden's yellowed eye, though. i'm not really up on this stuff, but the only thing i'm aware of is hayden replacing the older gentleman playing vader in epVI, the celebration scene on endor. you know, when the three jedi spirits are looking on beningly.
Sorry, I should have made that more clear. When Anakin starts to 'turn' to the Dark Side, he undergoes physiological changes and his eyes become yellow in colour. A pic of that can be seen here:
If you full-screen picture #2, you can see this "evil" eye has been superimposed on top of David Prowse's. I'm not sure why because his eye is still clearly visible, but is just not at the centre of the mask's "eye" lenses.
gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
thanks, got it now! although TBH i have no idea if you're on to something valid here or reaching hard.

but given the enormous hordes of SW fans across the net, i would think your theory could find some fellow reasoners, certainly...
No probs - I would certainly welcome anyone to corroborate this. As I am a child of the 80's I grew up with the non-tampered original :D
gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
epIV is one of my favorite movies, for sure. hard to believe what a mediocre director / producer he turned out to be after making such incredible gems as this and american graffiti.

well, maybe you could submit this to the site sometime via "add a post." just a thought. actually i should do the same since i have a longish one on star trek TOS / TNG that i never quite finished. ahem.
You sir are a person of taste and it's not too often I come upon another person who is both a Star Trek AND Star Wars fan. I was pretty lucky, my girlfriend got me TOS bluray remasters for Christmas. I prefer the mode with the cleaned up original effects, rather than the redone ones as those look like early CGI for some reason (most likely related to cost!). Watching TNG changed me as a person and shaped my career path also! Can't choose a favourite between shows though!
gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
thanks, and is that a STEM career you went in to? cleaned up, or even non-cleaned up is the way to go IMO. one of the coolest things about ST to me is watching an episode and then hitting memory alpha to read the backstory on it. truth is more excellent than fiction, as keanu reeves might say. :P