Puppy Hero Gives Hope to a Dead Soldier’s Family (16 pics)

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Justin Rollins became a soldier in 2006. He was deployed to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne. He was killed in spring 2007. But he emailed photographs of him playing with a puppy to his girlfriend the night before his death. Justin’s family decided they wanted to have that puppy that Justin held. The dog was found and sent to The Rollins. It traveled from Iraq, Bahrain, Brussels and New York before landing in New Hampshire. The little pet is named Hero in memory of the dead soldier.


Credits:  abcnews.go.com

Enter your name 10 year s ago
doesnt seem to be the same dog...
KILLUALL 10 year s ago
not the same dog...and I would call him "Headshot"
meukr 10 year s ago
it's a shame that so many men died just to make sure that some fat ass wont run out of gas for his truck.....
the dude 10 year s ago
Everything about this "soldier's" pictures scream major douchebag, especially the "brah" pic #4...if he caught a round in the head, it was long overdue ...if Izi had balls instead of a gaping pussy, they'd have a post " douchebag soldiers we should be thankful didnt make it back home"
orendadude 10 year s ago
@the dude-I have to disagree with you. As an ex canadian soldier, it is apparant that you yourself, have never served in the military. All soldiers understand the feeling of brotherhood, no matter what country they come from. I do not like american foreign policy but that does not mean I should attack the soldier. Any man, or woman for that matter, who dies in the line of duty, had the balls to sign on the dotted line to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect what they beleive in and to help to make life good for whiny, gutless self absorbed fucks, such as yourself. If you don't like something, get off your ass and do something about. Change government, whatever. Don't attack the poor soldier. He, any many others over the decades, have died so you can have a latte in the morning. People like you just fucking piss me off.
the dude 10 year s ago
Kinda funny how you assume I was never in the military. But then, what else could one expect from a canadian..."canadian soldier"...now there's a bit of an oxymoron, kinda like "jumbo shrimp"
orendadude 10 year s ago
My point bieng that most in the military would not wish harm on one of their own as you do. That's where my assumption comes from. Secondly, canadians have been fighting with american soldiers in Afghanistan for several years so that kinda excludes the oxymoron. I will give you credit however for your use of "Jumbo Shrimp" Means you know George Carlin. Great comedian. You can't be as bad as my original opinion. Peace
iluvhatemail 10 year s ago
someone that was in the military would talk like a pussy ass bitch about another member that died. I'm guessing you are fat, ugly and stupid. You dont need to prove yourself anymore.
Enter your name 10 year s ago
WTF !! @ 4 - are you insane. He was just a soldier. He died for his country. YOU are the only pussy here. Regard, KFOR NOR
BAMF 10 year s ago
Just sad this guy died and his family have a dog to make up for it, made even worse by internet warriors bad mouthing him, on the same basis "he caught a round" for being a "Brah", the same should be said for dickhead commentator's.
looka 10 year s ago
He died for his country?? Are you also retarded?
Fuck all the brainwashed soldiers and their leaders who send them to die, just so a few people can become more powerful and have a couple of billion dollars more.. fuck everyone who defends war and killing.. and fuck the dog while you're at it..
Peace to all who wish to live in peace, fuck the rest of you..
With regards, best wishes and all that shit, a guy from a country that used to be Yugoslavia..
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
US soldiers USED to die for their country. Now, they die for corporate greed and gain. Most of the guys I know that are either soldiers or once served in the military are unstable fucks and the best thing for them is to be shipped oversees so that they can kill people. Otherwise, they would be killing people at home and will wind up in jail.
chutullu 10 year s ago
who gives hope to all the famlies hurt by the "US BOYs"? hm?
the US Forces are killing innocent people all over the world, who cares about some of this killers if they get back what they started?
orendadude 10 year s ago

I understand the points that you, Mr Ree and others are making. I don't feel you are necesarly wrong in feeling that way. My point is that what "WE" need to do, as a global world, is address and change the root problem. The soldier is not the problem, the people to form American foreign policy are. To wish a person dead and to take a round in the head is wrong. Words are cheap, action has a price. You may not agree with american policy, but at least the soldiers "DID" something. That's more than what can be said for most of the world population.
PoPo 10 year s ago
Pic 15, dog takes a piss.
Agus 10 year s ago
Hero?? Yea rite. What happen if that soldier and many other soldiers didn't go to Iraq? Nothing! Nothing will happen. Would Iraq destroy the USA? No. Would Iraq hurt the USA? No. Then why you call him a hero. Hero your ass.
Peanut 10 year s ago
the dude...don't put down Canadian soldiers. As much as I like our American cousins, that's one thing I won't tolerate. Here's a few facts. Suck 'em up.

Most Americans suffer from the 'John Wayne' syndrome. They believe their own bullshit. John Wayne was a gutless coward, not a hero.

Specialized US troops are trained in Canada by Canadians.

From day one, Canadians fought fiercely & bravely in WW1 & WW2. It makes me sick at heart to think of all those young lives lost and for what? Selfish, greedy, self-absorbed dimwits. If it weren't for Canadian, British and Australian soldiers, and so many European freedom fighters and the 2 million + East Indians and Ghurkhas who fought valiantly by our side, most of us wouldn't be here.

During WW2, Americans came in with their brooms after Pearl Harbour was bombed, not before.

America has never won a war. Unless you want to include bombing the crap out of Japan.

I don't agree with troups being sent to defend oil either, but this young man gave his life in the line of duty. Show a little respect.
L 10 year s ago
Yes it's a sad story...but are you doing in Iraq? (American) depleted uranium killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq.
4down2 9 year s ago
Dogs are special !



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