The Top Cultural Moments of 2011 (43 pics)

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All these cultural moments had an impact on our lives. They define the past 12 months of 2011.


Beyonce announces that she's pregnant, everyone swoons over her "bikini baby bump."

Although it's unclear what liquid was actually on Liam Neeson's pants, it appears that he wet himself and was unaware of or totally cool with it.

In June 2011, Democratic New York Congressman Anthony Weiner accidentally tweeted a photo of his penis, resulting in countless "wiener" jokes, scandal, and eventually his resignation.

Photobombing celebrities and important figures becomes the new trend, inadvertently or purposefully (as is clearly the case here).

Michael Douglas photobombs wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Lindsay Lohan cries during court in November after being sentenced to thirty days in jail after violating probation repeatedly.

20-year-old Mariah Yeater claims she got knocked up by Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, turns out she is actually just insane.

Political figures (particularly Republicans) eating hot dogs and other phallic-shaped objects occurs repeatedly throughout the year, is innately funny. Here's presidential candidate Michele Bachmann participating.

... And presidential candidate Rick Perry enjoys a dog of the corn variety.

On October 31, Basketball player Kris Humphries and socialite Kim Kardashian announce their divorce, just 72 days after getting wed.

The sensational Ryan Gosling lifts "Today" weatherman Al Roker.

"Planking" gains international attention after professional rugby player David "Wolfman" Williams planks during a match on March 27, 2011.

16-year-old Courtney Stodden weds 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson in May 2011; society is mortified.

Lady Gaga arrives being carried in a huge egg for the 2011 Grammys in February.

"Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari looks to be having a bad day while walking in New York City. (The kid in the background is struggling as well.)

This cat photo was taken at just the right moment, and accordingly, made the viral rounds.

Ken Jeong photobombs Kate Upton for the August issue of GQ.

Some talented fans cosplay scenes from "Daria."

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake strikes the east coast in August, resulting in little damage and hysterical cheeky photos of the "devastation."

Toronto mayor Rob Ford does the ceremonial kickoff for the Metro Bowl and later becomes a meme.

This convention happened.

Australian Jacob French begins walking--dressed as a Stormtrooper--from Perth to Sydney in order to raise $50,000 and awareness for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

"Coning," where a customer orders an ice cream cone at a drive-thru restaurant and then grabs the ice cream rather than the cone, becomes the new planking.

Melissa Kellerman, a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader gets run over by Jason Witten during a Cowboys-Dolphins game.

During a shoot, Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt encountered a less attractive model also sharing the beach at St. Bart's.

Adorable photos are taken at the 2011 Florida Corgi Picnic.

Peter Dinklage accepts the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series award for his role in "Game of Thrones" during the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards on September 18, 2011.

Man attempts to start an edgy new fashion trend, and fails.

Two Playboy bunnies trying out "horsemaning," aka the new new new new planking, outside the Playboy Mansion.

"Puggy," a Pekingese, takes the world record for longest tongue on a dog, at 4.5 inches (11.43 cm).

On the cover of the August 15, 2011 edition of Newsweek, Michele Bachmann's [crazy] eyes become a disturbing meme.

Cats photobombing dogs and vice versa becomes a fierce competition, with this photo being one of the most shared images of the year.

Apparently, the Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona offers photos with Santa, also with weapons--everything from pistols to machine guns.

Elmar Weisser of Germany wins the highly competitive "freestyle" category at the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Trondheim, Norway with his beard being sculpted into a forest scene featuring a reindeer.

President Barack Obama's love of ice cream becomes a big hit on the Internet, particularly on Tumblr.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal shares an intimate greeting with Argentinian player Juan Monaco.

"Singer" Rebecca Black arrives for the inaugural MTV O Music Awards for her performance of "Friday."

Neil Patrick Harris, his partner David Burtka, and their twins dress up as "Peter Pan" characters for Halloween 2011.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker share an intimate moment together on the street.

Adele performs "Someone Like You" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

After a car crash that sent two police officers to the hospital, "Jersey Shore" star Snooki struts the set in a neckbrace. Also, those boots.

A lifelong fan, actor Jason Segel vows to bring the Muppets back, makes it happen, and then poses in a series of awesome photos with them.

Iain Canning, Emily Sherman, and Gareth Unwin, producers of "The King's Speech," show off their Oscars for Best Picture backstage at the 83rd Academy Awards.


randomdude 9 year s ago
Cultural Moments did you say.... duh
cannonball 9 year s ago
I think you spelled "Top Cultural Moments of 2011" wrong.
It should be spelled "Random photos".
orendadude 9 year s ago
If this is modern culture, we are all fucked.
rikki_doxx 9 year s ago
#31 - Has anyone seen pictures of Nancy Pelosi's eyes. She's down right scary. But since Michele Bachmann is a Republican she's fair game. Best to leave the Democrat loonies alone.
Norm101 9 year s ago
LOL Douchebag right-wingers. Always whining about something.
Albane 9 year s ago
That one of Mathew Broderick made me LOL.
DoppiaG 9 year s ago
#41 - Someone tell me that they are in Italy, where i live.
If it's real... GO AWAY!
GOODSTUFF4U 9 year s ago
rikki_doxx - I agree
ptpie 9 year s ago
me too
lolipop 9 year s ago
valoi to
Belin 9 year s ago
#33 shoot the kid? FUCK IDIOT
Jacklock12 9 year s ago
The motion picture which have fine ,it produces hard bit ..........



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