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Living in Shipping Containers (18 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design   15 Feb 2012   / 13232 views

French architect Patrick Partouche created a house built of 8 shipping containers. Now it’s a home for a family in Lille, France.


This spacious house with a total area of 208 sq. m (2240 sq. ft.) has floor-to-ceiling windows with enormous metal blinds that may easily turn the building into a fortress when shut, making the place safe to leave. However, the owners use blinds only for protection against sun heat.


It took 3 days to assemble the house. Special trucks brought shipping containers which then were placed on a basement of reinforced concrete and joined together.


The visitors especially enjoy the large bay windows. Even though the facade of the house is made almost completely of glass, the whole building remains warm. Its exterior corresponds to the local traditions while the interior fully meets the wishes of the owners.


External appearance

Huge sun blinds

The owner of the house shuts the blinds

The hall and the dining room

The parlor

Cozy dining room

Décor fragments

Spiral stairs

Red wooden panels and metal are the key components of the design

Children and playroom's decorations

Metal passages preserve marine and cargo ship style

Another children’s room

The bathroom

Containers are delivered to the construction site

Placing the containers on the concrete basement

The house is being assembled

The assemblage took three days

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Mr. Ree 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Not much different than living in a converted warehouse. In the USA, we have lots of folks living in things like these - they're called trailer trash.
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me too
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Yanteh 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Cool video. But I have a question. Say you prime with the black, but you want to use black paint too. Do you paint over the rmpier, or just keep the black rmpier on top?