Don’t Be Mad at Greece, Here’s Why

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One of our visitors George, sent us this interesting post about Greece that was made by his friend. Thank you George for sharing this post.


Don’t Be Mad at Greece, Here’s Why


Everybody 9 year s ago
samo_zycie 9 year s ago
Chuj tam... Nas bardziej cisnęli i dalej cisną:/
orendadude 9 year s ago
w00cash 9 year s ago
Some greek public sector salary bonuses:

Bonus for washing hands (Greek train operator): Imagine how dirty or uncultured workers at this company are. They have to be paid EXTRA in order to clean themselves. That doesn’t mean that employees at other companies are dirty, they just do not get paid every time for cleaning their hands If you meet a person working for the train company think twice before you give them a handshake.

Bonus for turning on your car (Greek Telecommunications company): In the old days(40 years ago) cars needed some time to start operating(or so they say). The management of the company paid the workers an extra payment monthly since they had to turn on the engines. Of course technology now has done amazing leaps, but the public workers still operate in the Bronze era.

Bonus for using the restaurant (Greek Oil company): What is more normal for employees using the company run restaurant. Actually this is a very clever payment, workers are getting reimbursed for using a restaurant so they can(YES) eat and dine(since they work themselves to death). Of course this is a hidden subsidy for the restaurant. Otherwise workers would not eat and starve to death, or (Horrors) would have to bring food from home. FYI the use of the restaurant is for FREE

Bonus for being on time (Greek Bus company): Yes! you read this right. Most people who work in the public sector find it difficult, or cumbersome, to arrive at their job on time. This reminds of the dark ages of the labour movement, where bosses were demanding people to arrive on time and work their agreed shift. The Greek politicians of course have brought justice by paying people a bonus when they arrive at their job on the agreed timeframe.

Bonus for looking at ships’ propeller (Greek coastal guard): There is no information about this payment and why it exists. Surely it encompasses people who are also working on the mountains. No wonder…

Bonus for Food (Greek Public): There are no direct references to this but surely it a just one. Since Greek employees are so lazy, they might even forget to eat and nurture themselves. A payment has to be made to ensure their well-being. Remember the first rule of economics: People respond to incentives. Maybe that why most Greeks in the public sector are overweight.

No wonder they are in crisis %-)
No wonder they are protesting %-)
Beautiful 9 year s ago
Since when the hell did Izismile become a propaganda machine?

There's so much falsehood and bullshit in that image it's unbelievable.
Sigh 9 year s ago
Left off a lot like "Greek people want to have tons of benefit and hardly work" and "Greek people are rioting when the government tries to cut anything." You put those people in office by voting, they did what you told them to. Now you're throwing a fit when the inevitable cost of idiot socialism is coming to call, and demanding everyone else pay for your sloth. Riots? Burning the city? Yeah, that will help you out.

AnnaMolly 9 year s ago
Stop hating, they're just defending their country like everyone would. I've read it all and I think the dude made his point. And I'm pretty sure it's not bullshit.
gigantes 9 year s ago
greece is the worst offender, but it's hardly alone. it never should have been allowed on the euro, and in fact, the euro was probably a bad idea in and of itself.

all of these problem nations have one thing in common- borrowing way beyond their means when it was far too easy to borrow. rioting and protesting isn't going to solve crap at this point.

if you want to be a responsible person, forget about the angry troll comics and the blame game and work to build a self-sustainable life. wean yourself from the luxuries and privileges that society has taught you to expect, tighten your belts, become as absolutely resourceful as you can and build skillsets along those lines. those are the things needed for life going forward, regardless of where you live in the world...

and yes, obviously... much easier said than done. :/
Haha 9 year s ago
People from Greece are lazy, lazy, lazy and lazy ... at least 80 from 100 people I met are good for nothing lazy persons which want to have everything but are not ready to give even a small move of their toe to accomplish it. When I saw couple of Greece neighbors ... people are working their as* off just to make a normal living not to get luxury. Probably it's time for your nation to learn that if you want something you have to work for it, not to go to protests and make an excuse not to work!!!!

P.S. - nothing personal you know ...
the animal 9 year s ago
No sympathy here! It's your own fault, never trust the words of a politician.
djp 9 year s ago
Fuck all the racism expressed in some of the comments above.

Common people are common people, no matter where we live in the world and no matter what skin tone, religion or language we speak.

Greece's problems were not caused by their school teachers, their nurses, their shopkeepers etc, they were caused by politicians and bankers.
Sunlight 9 year s ago
greece is the most racist and nazy state on the balkan peninsula,they had the same problem with debt 20-30 years ago,in my country there is an old joke about that: you are in debt like greece ;D
Borg 9 year s ago
Hahahahah. Greek smart asses. You can not full anyone now
THE GREEK ougaouga 9 year s ago
(above) haters gonna hate. when its YOUR neck on the line,greece WILL have sympathy for YOU.greece will help YOU out with everything she s got.if there s something left after the vultures eat our flesh.thats what a true greek will do.go ahead and relax behind you pc screen and enjoy the macabre show but COULD happen to you!or maybe is it as we speak?
Gorgeous 9 year s ago
Yes, I'm sure that Greece will help us with everything they've got.

proud 2B an American 9 year s ago
You want socialism, you get Greece. Sadly, California is next.
theworldcitizen 9 year s ago
Why would people from the US have an opinion here if they don't know anything about the world outside their bubble?
Tourist 9 year s ago
Also, I find it hilarious that the anti-nazi commie granny gets peppersprayed and beaten by the guardsmen of the same sort of regimes he himself promoted, helped put in power, now subverted by the very thing the Germans fought against.

Enjoy Freedom and Democracy, fuckwits.
theUScitizen 9 year s ago
@ theworldcitizen
The US is the finest country in the history of the world. Obama and his ilk are trying to destroy it, but have faith in the American people; we shall triumph over communism! We will NOT let the Obama machine dismantle freedom. We will NOT end up like Greece!

jhg 9 year s ago
we shall triumph over communism
and establish a fascist state.

there, corrected
theworldcitizen 9 year s ago
Hey UScitizen, I don't like communism and I care little for socialism, but I care a lot less for ultra partiots and nationalists who want everyone to think like them, like fascists. If Greece is having problems, well, it happens, but if you want to go back to the days before civil rights, you can keep that in your county and state.
assad 9 year s ago
Dear post submitter, thank you for this insight. "Greece is not responsible for this crisis" - Well isn't that reassuring? That it's always somebody's else fault? And judging from you post, every case of corruption in Greece so far involved German companies How convenient.
Police 9 year s ago
wait..they they actually found a way to blame the US and the rest of the EU for their own incompetence?

Greece has little to no heavy industry and sells almost nothing to the rest of the world. The people desire exorbitant benefits yet they support nothing with hard work or production. Of course the system will fail.
Nothing is free in life - it doesnt matter if your leaders promise some ridiculous socialist system where you get everything for nothing, the entire concept cannot possible work that way.

All the best for the greek people who genuinely wish for honest work and a quality way of life. They are being muted by the younger generation of fools who will do nothing more than "rebel" and fight the system without providing any benefit of their own. Pray such mentality doesnt continue to grow in the US.
theUScitizen 9 year s ago
@ theworldcitizen
I am not an ultra-patriot, but a reasonable patriot - which in contrast to the obama regime just makes me me appear ultra. I am not an nationalist: I think the rest of the world should think and do want they bloody-well want to. How did you infer that I implied ANYTHING about abandoning civil rights???
Yan 9 year s ago
France and Germany paid for their new subway, new museum, new offices buidlings, new highway, new bridge for the last 10 years in order to help Greece go back in its track and the guy want to put all the fault on them... nice!!
But actually where he is wrong its that Half of greek really don't pay their taxes. And thanks to google earth, 20 000 undeclared personal swimming pool in Athene have been found. From its side the Swiss banks recognized that 350 billions euros from rich greeks were hidden in their banks, more than half of their debt.
uy 9 year s ago
portugal is next, then spain, then italy
they you



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