The End Is Near and Here Is the Proof (31 pics)

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These "dreadful omens" show clearly that our world shall perish no later than this December.


First off, half of the 10 biggest earthquakes since 1900 have come in the last 8 years

The last 6 months in the USA have been the hottest on record

With a record number of tornadoes

50 tornadoes in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois combined with Friday's round of more than 85 from Alabama to Indiana and Ohio rank as the new high for number of twisters in March.

The US is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts ever

The shaded areas are classified as natural disaster areas. It's the largest natural disaster area in U.S. history.

Oh yeah, Europe also experienced one of their coldest winters ever in 2012

Supernaturally, there are mysterious cosmic rays

Swarms of spiders invading towns in India

A mystery "haze" in China

And monsters

Even more importantly, kids are drinking hand sanitizer

Snorting smarties

And babyccinos

The inventor of the oreo creme filling died in May

Paula Deen was diagnosed with diabetes

The world record for fist-pumping has finally been broken

And Crocs made $1 Billion in 2011!

Besides that, seals are making out with whales

Dogs are making out with dolphins

Pugs can't tell the difference between what's real or fake

Alpacas and dogs?!

Basically, animals are really confused

Also this




And especially this




So, what's happening in December?

Well, there's going to be an asteroid

Dick Clark died, so there can't/won't be a New Year

And the spawn of Snooki is due

Goodbye, Sweet World



Taka 10 year s ago
Waw... I'm disappointed, I thought I'll get to see some Justin Bieber in the end.
gigantes 10 year s ago
of the serious ones that were posted, most have to do with global climate change. nothing to do with mayans and 2012, and everything to do with man living unsustainably and the mounting consequences of doing so.
Mortecouille 10 year s ago
@ gigantes : as the US governement would say, noooo, it is not possible... anyway, it doesnt have it's place in US economy.
But Chineese, Indians and others should take it into account.
Chrischan74 10 year s ago
@ Mortecouille
If I have a bucket with hole & the water is pouring out of the bucket, I start to fix the holes. And I fix the BIG ones first.
So, yes, before the US should take climate into account, Cina, India and the rest of the former "Third World" should do that first.
But, no matter what, it won't change a bit, because climate change happened before man walked the earth and it will continue to change when man long disappeared.
The only reason, "man made climate change" was invented, was to give world wide goverment new ideas to tax there middle classes to death.
Mortecouille 10 year s ago
^^ Excellent Christian, and you will explain us that US declared war to iraq because of their weapons of mass destruction, and that the rest of the world doesnt like you because they doesnt like freedom...
Don't know if you're creastionist or what, but you seem to be able to believe lots of bullshit, if fox news repeats it enough times.
Million 10 year s ago
^ So, now scientific facts on climate changes throughout earth's history are called "creationism"? true great
Skier 10 year s ago
4179 Toutatis will have a distance of 3.531 million miles from earth on december 12, 2012. The distance of 243 Ida will be 337.8 million miles on that given date.
gigantes 10 year s ago
oh, yes... the old "climate always goes in cycles so there's nothing we can or should be about it" mantra. i'll tell you what's flawed about that piece of fantasy:

no other natural event or period in the last 800,000 to 20 million years has put so much carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere as man has done the past 200 years. that entirely wrenches the process away from what the weather would have been, and takes it in a whole new direction here and now. which is most likely what we have been seeing lately across the US-- increased drought, tornadoes, heatwaves, hurricanes and the rest. and yes, some of you guys have been conditioned to see it as a money and a liberal conspiracy thing, even though the anti-science campaign is directly funded by the likes of exxon mobile and conducted by many former strategists from big tobacco campaigns. but i'm sure you don't care about all that. but just understand this: you had your chance to do something and you blew it. all of these natural disasters are likely to get worse in the next few years, more people will lose their lives across the US, and an already shaky global economy will be further stressed, possibly past the breaking point. so when that happens and when you soon get personally impacted, i hope you're just honest enough with yourself to admit that you deserved what you got, and that this is what can happen when man does whatever the hell he wants even when 'science' desperately begs him to do otherwise.

because 99% of the national academies on earth, the highest scientific bodies that exist, the ones that are the most cautious and conservative of all in making their findings, agree that current GCC is likely man-made, as is getting worse. and all the signatures and petitions by non-climate scientists that might dazzle you so easily these days do not change that in the slightest, and will not help in any other way than to throw sand in your eyes and leave you blissful by the power of sweet, sweet ignorance. so in short- good luck with your decision... let me know how that works out for you.
SuckaMC 10 year s ago
Before you fill more boards with your vomiting back of what you have been willingly brainwashed with.. go watch "The Great Global Warming Swindle".... It might encourage you to form your own opinions... and question this Green Religion:
gigantes 10 year s ago
the "great global warming swindle" is exactly what i'm talking about-- a swindle meant to make skeptics feel better about being ignorant. if you had actually researched the science behind the bullet points, you would know how full of propaganda and half-truths it is. for example, the way that the oceans and biomass were pointed out as bigger carbon emitters than mankind while deliberately omitting the fact that they sequester more carbon than they emit. the way that volcanoes are blamed for being bigger sources of carbon emission than man, completely ignoring the fact that the average global volcano emission per year of carbon is FAR LESS than man's eight gigatons of emissions per year (and growing). face it- you got played like a suckamc, mister suckamc.
Peanut 10 year s ago
Gigantes, you are 100% correct.
SuckaMC 10 year s ago
puhleeeeasse... tell me more about propaganda... and half truths. Tell me you have done a fraction of the research you boast about... And then tell me that this "Green Machine" is a true and honest movement.... that dosnt use the half truths and propaganda more blatantly than you accuse the film of doing.... Tell me this.. and you will just sound like another empty hipster product of a Captain Planet generation.... You overstate yourself giganticaly.......fact and true human insight will eventually take this thing down... until then.. we have to deal with the likes of you religious folk... Even if you are not from Oregon.
gigantes 10 year s ago
yea, let me know how it works out for you in a few years...

peanut- thanks. :)
SuckaMC 10 year s ago
Funny... that is quite similar to what I had in mind to say to you.... Just remember back to this conversation when you are old and your kids make fun of "that time that people thought carbon was going to kill the world!" And you realize you were one of those preachy douche bag hipsters that made Christians look laid back.... All in time....
gigantes 10 year s ago
i have no reason to remember this particular conversation because everywhere around me are people saying the same stuff, even as they ignore the consequences of GCC here and now, such as prolonged droughts, ocean acidification, more and more deadly storms, etc. but since you don't read the news, those are probably unknown events to you.

anyway, i repeatedly respond with facts while your type repeatedly responds with attitude. that's the only thing you have going for you- arrogance, smugness and attitude. in your mind i'm some hippie extremist who worships liberal initiatives, but in reality i'm just a middle-of-the-road guy who's actually studied the science on this issue. and by "science," i don't mean the opinion papers you like to comfort yourself with, but the data and opinions direct from NASA, the royal society, the american academies of science and so forth. in short, i did the homework while you listened to blowhards, like that GGWS guy. in short, you're a tool who's only interested in his own immediate self-interest in a nation full of the same types. you people make me laugh with your talk about "maybe my grandkids will have to worry about this stuff one day" when you're so flogging dense that you can't even see what's happening all around you. yes, all around you, but not in your own backyard, apparently. when this stuff starts hitting you personally in a few months or a few years, then i know what your reaction will be: it will be to blame everyone but yourself, turn up the hate, and reach for your gun. that's how it goes for the privileged ignorant- your stupidity will be a reason for other people to suffer, because you don't give a f--k and never will. goodbye.
SuckaMC 10 year s ago
Holy Psychological projection! With a major dose of narcissism... I do believe you got it flipped Jack... You dont have to tell me the same old same old that every "good white person" is sayin.. you are part of an "ism" group.. and everyone in those kinds of cults believes a similar format of things... You are such a great example that it makes me giggle inside! Seriously.. it gives me a sense of relief.. because I use to be one too... but I got kicked out when I asked too many good questions.... Some day you'll understand...




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