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Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 17 (23 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   6 Sep 2012   / 14756 views

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When you try to carry all the groceries in one trip:

When you don’t get a joke at first, but then it sinks in:

When you get home and dinner is on the table:

When a typo destroys your entire argument:

When you wake up after a long night of partying:

When someone stupid says something smart:

When you can’t find the straw in your drink:

When you’re in the dressing room and something actually looks good:

When you see the same stranger twice in one day:

When you compare someone’s dating profile pic with their actual appearance:

When you’re watching a really good movie and someone asks you to come help them with something:

When no amount of reasoning will get someone to realize they are wrong:

When you go outside right after fixing your hair:

When you get in the shower:

When you get out of the shower:

When it’s Sunday night and you remember it’s a three-day weekend:

When you were little and your mom said, “Okay, who broke this?”:

When your parents ask you who you’re talking to on the phone:

When you accidentally put your phone’s ringtone on maximum volume:

When you throw something at the garbage can and it goes in:

When you wake up the next day after partying all night:

When you try to see out the airplane window from the aisle seat:

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