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A Behind-The-Scenes Tour of Disneyland (82 pics)

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Looking down endless hallway with work lights on

Old cast photo

The red eyes of the Abominable Snowman

By on of the houses on Big thunder Mountain

Control Panel for Big Thunder

Car storage for Big Thunder

Boat Storage for Jungle Cruise

Hippo on Jungle Cruise

Turnstile on Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Carribean

Control Booth Pirates

On the Pirate ship in the main room

Animatronic on Pirates


No clothes on

The first boat you pass after leaving the main station

Control booth

Big Thunder Goat

Elephant scene on Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise Track

Jungle Cruise

The pirate bed(supposedly the skull on the back of the bed is REAL)

Gold Room

Boat Storage Pirates

Animatronic goat being repaired

The famous whistle scene from behind

Going up the lift hill

Splash Mountain Construction

This is the guest book for people to sign at the very top steeple in the Mansion

Oogie Boogie Plant

The view from the top steeple in Haunted Mansion

Floor Plan

Signing the Guest Book

The organ in the Grand Hall(originally used as the Organ in the movie Captain Nemo)

Another shot from the steeple

Hidden mickey on the main table in the Grand Hall

Monorail Storage

Main Hall Animatronics

Haunted Mansion

The Organ Player on the other side of the glass using the pepper ghost effect!

Costuming Department

Mickey Chillin

View From Walts Apartment

Walts Apartment

Walts Apartment

Walts deck that looks over Main Street

Walts Chair

Behind Its a small world

Train House

Pictures from on top of the Matterhorn

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Mattus 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
This is incredible. Thanks so much.
Mr. Ree 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I suspect that these are old photos. If not, Disney has very strict rules regarding this type of thing and these folks may lose their jobs over this.
Let's hope not.