To Be or Not to Be?

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People of Izismile!

There’s been a slight difference of opinion about Mr. Ree, a favorite troll of some and a hateful jerk in the eyes of others. Now it’s for you to decide.

To Be or Not to Be?

Would you like Mr. Ree to be banned from the site?

Hell yeah!
Are you freaking crazy?! NO

Total number of votes: 1534

House 10 year s ago
For him to be a troll, he'd actually have to do some trolling. He's nothing but a hateful twat against people that aren't white. Even in post previous posts of the girls with the freckles, this idiot picked the three girls who were mixed.

Other sites similar to izismile have a strong memberbase, Izismile is getting a reputation for being a site where hateful, racists and bigots post.
DarkWolf 10 year s ago
Seriously? This is about the most daft thing I'd seen yet from this site. Y'all need to get a grip.
Mr Ree 10 year s ago
Must go away... this dude is way too racist and hateful toward other races..he isnt about trolling at all. This voting board proves that there are people actively supporting racism and hateful. This is a perfect example to show everyone that Izismile gives zero tolerance in racism and hatred.
DarkWolf 10 year s ago
Then Izi really needs to stop posting a whole pile of crap. And for that matter, Izi is sexist, too... Constantly portraying women as nothing more than sex symbols. But hey.. They're just women.. Boobs or GTFO... -.-

Have fun with that tolerance.
thebigfuf 10 year s ago
lol i voted thinking they where trying to ban the troll face XD silly me
iloveyou 10 year s ago
there are many kind of trolls on the internet really. but the racist ones suck. most trolls try to be funny most of the time. but the racist crap is lame.
ihateyou 10 year s ago
He should go troll on 4chan instead.... or on some obscure sub-reddit... its teh internets and we have a place for everyone !! :)
dav1t 10 year s ago
To me, trolling is leading people on with a funny side. Nothing funny about his posts. I have always found this site to be the kind of site I can surf while sitting in the room with my wife and kids. I tend not to go for the posts of the hot women but more for teh funnies. There is no place on a family friendly site for people like him.
Fenrisulven 10 year s ago
The dude never registered, so how are we supposed to know who is the original one? I guess the admins know, but "we" are doing the voting...
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
Ban him? Never! I'm having too much fun impersonating him.
wait 10 year s ago
If you shut him up your taking away his right to say and speak his mind. This site has become Fascist. How wrong of izismile to even promote this. Shame on all of you. If he is just some moron saying stupid things ignore him. What is wrong with you people. Damn when its convenient you are all hitler and castro when its not your jesus. evil just evil.
dd 10 year s ago
ITT: idiots who doenst know what a dynamic ip is. (hint: he doenst even have an account)
Bean 10 year s ago
i dont give two shits about mr ree, show me the contents. i clicked on this shit thinking it was regular funny content instead i got this bullshit
GOODSTUFF4U 10 year s ago
Mr Ree is Izismile?

self promotion?
Stupid 10 year s ago
This is really stupid cause you can't ban someone from visiting a website that doesn't require a login to post.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
First of all, this is the real Mr. Ree.
Second, This site in NOT family friendly or work friendly (regardless of what comments get posted). If YOU consider large photos of scantily clad women, videos with soundtracks that contain words like 'fuck', 'shit', 'nigger' and other profanities, and pictures and videos of people getting hurt, maimed, and/or dying to be family/work friendly, then your morals and ethics must be in question.
So, what is more offensive: a video of a girl shaking her rear end and breasts or comments such as: "nice tits" or "I'd let her blow me!"
What is more offensive: pictures of a neo-nazi group adorned in swastikas or comments like: "Hitler had the right idea - kill all the jews!"
What is more offensive: a video of blacks ganging up and destroying an innocent business owner's business or attacking someone or comments such as: "TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior)".

If Izismile bans all racist/offensive comments and maintains the same type of content, does it make it any more acceptable? If you say 'yes', why does a printed word (i.e. comments made) have the power to decide what is or is not racist or offensive? Don't actions/photos/videos speak louder than words?

If you, the visitor, or Izismile the owner/company, want to 'clean up this place', start with the content. I hear Disney has a nice assortment of content they might let you re-post. Posting photos and videos of sexual innuendo, racism, violence, controversial topics, etc. is what drives visitors to this website. Almost all of the content on the site is available elsewhere (that's where Izismile gets it) but you, the visitor, choose to visit this website.
Ask yourself: WHY?

I suspect that many visitors come to this website just to read the comments. I know I do. I really don't give a rat's ass about kitten videos but when a humorous poster like Orendadude makes a Chinese restaurant comment (that would be offensive to Asians or Chinese restaurant owners) I find it funny. When Gigantes makes an insightful comment on some political issue, I find it more entertaining that the photo itself.
Even a snarky offensive comment regarding the pic/vid is more entertaining that some empty headed asswipe that posts: "suck my dick" or one of those insipid "my sister in-law made $44,000 on her laptop..." comments.
At least some thought (no matter how deranged) went into the offensive/racist/sexist/gay-bashing comment.
Compilation 10 year s ago
Hey izismile admin, this post alone violates your rule. Ban him now!
Peepz 10 year s ago
If you dont like it, go away. Why bashing this site? everyone knows how the izismile portraits its humor and it never told thats its a family site.

Ban him!
wency777 10 year s ago
The real Mr. Ree is just the personification of our inner human being itching to be let loose. Because it's the internet, he's able to do it. In real life, I don't think he's an awful person. We should all shut up and enjoy his humor. We all have that kind of humor in us but we suppress it for that subconscious fear of actually acting it out. He doesn't have that fear because he knows it's all for fun. Leave him alone.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
part two...

Most, not all, of the comments I make on this website are sarcastic/hurtful/mean-spirited and the like. But most are based on FACT. The truth hurts, folks.
Any city in the USA: the highest crime rates will be in the predominantly black areas - FACT. Call it bigoted or racist, but it's FACT. You might be offended by that comment, but the truth hurts (sometimes).
Seeing some 12 year old wipe out on his skateboard or bicycle, smash his face, and get scared for life is NOT funny - FACT. Yet, you probably laugh every time you see one of this videos. Does that make you a sick person? That's not for me to judge.

Looking at a series of pics showing someone losing or gaining massive amounts of weight to the point where their life is in jeopardy is NOT humorous - FACT. Yet, we all do it.
Horrific car crashes where people get maimed and killed is NOT entertainment - FACT. Yet we all watch the videos and especially pay attention during the slow-motion replay. If you have ever been in an automobile accident or had a loved one that was - it's not fucking funny. But on the Internet it is, right?

part 3...

All of these types of pics/videos are regular fare on Izismile. Admit it - you like this shit and if it makes you feel better about yourself to chastise me for making some stupid comment about it, great.

If Izismile bans me (or anyone else that makes similar comments), and continues with the same type of content, this website will still be a source for inappropriate content, sexual degradation, and bigotry.
But as long as Mr. Ree isn't around, that makes it OK?

You decide - cast your vote!
SuckaMC 10 year s ago
Congratulations Mr.Ree... You have been turned into a Martyr... And to respond like this... well good sir.. you have earned my respect!

I shall name my next goldfish after you.....
Comments 10 year s ago
Just kill the comments option altogether.
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
This vote crap is both stupid and hypocritical.

I don't like 'Mr. Ree', but this is plain idiotic.
MrTroll 10 year s ago
Dont ban the trolls :c
Jonny P. 10 year s ago
izismilse you broke the first rule of the internet, do not feed the trolls.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
...and once again, I can be reached at: [email protected]
wow 10 year s ago
how many times my comments were deleted because some jerk asked to, when i was a troll? not like mr.ree but....with an registered account that is not "wow" like this. And the issue of dont feed the troll were it goes?, he/she doesnt even comment as registered user, but i guess he lives in US with static IP, so its a ban for real. Keep it real people, if this unregistered Mr.Ree, got banned, after that, i could start trolling just because.... as other users too, so whats the deal? you "supersensitive people" leave izi if you feel you are the powerfull minority that allways feel offended by anything and make problem because you are too sensitive.
He/she trolled me a couple of times because of my comments, i laugh even it was hard arty, also with heavy arty of trolling in some specific post, but, people, just dont read the comments and fuck you. No one comment here as life or death situation, no one comment here in serious way, because izismile its not a serious site! THE NAME SAYS SO!
Groom 10 year s ago
that is a war.... but we have done?
welp 10 year s ago
Mr. Ree isn't really funny and his comments are retarded. I was going to say something more but I there isn't anything more to say, he is just kinda useless, just like them black people he keeps mentioning. Maybe he is a self-hating negro, maybe he hasn't done anything with his life and blames his uselessness on his skin colour.
also a reliable source told me he likes to have sex with animals and underaged children.
samthesham 10 year s ago
congrats Mr. Ree uve reached legendary status!
gigantes 10 year s ago
Can't believe you missed the opportunity to go with "to Ree or not to Ree?" as the post title. D'oh!

Anyway, I don't like overtly racist comments myself. I mean, if you're that angry about such an issue, seems like there are a lot of better and more appropriate places to express it. Hence, probably all the upset people who caused this poll to be made in the first place.

OTOH, I agree with Mr. Ree and several others above-- this site's content is so regularly thoughtless and offensive that when you post a poll like this it really comes across like the pot calling the kettle African-American.

But here's a suggestion- instead of trying to block Mr. Ree's IP group or username (both things easily circumvented if he wants to), why don't you ask him to make an acct here or add an auto-signature with his email address? That way all the people offended by his racism can contact him and give him a piece of their mind. Both sides might learn something from each other and maybe not be so angry in future. In other words, why not try to work out the problem if you really think there's a problem?
izzimyfizzi 10 year s ago
Oh Izismile, you. How smart of you to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Way to get more hits. Make a shit storm over nothing.

I for one will take a leave of absence if Mr. Ree is banned.
I only come here for shits 'n giggles now, most of the stuff you provide I get 1st hand on 9Gag.
JustMe 10 year s ago
Funny how "tolerance" and "freedom of speech" are ready to be kicked to the curb when the content is something not liked. I always thought "tolerance" meant tolerating everything, not just what you agree with.

Oh, well, "progressive" is just another word for "hypocrite," so I doubt any will learn from this.
csf3lih 10 year s ago
If half the people speak for you while the other half wants you decapitated, you've earned your ticket to stay in the game.

I would voted nay so Mr. Ree could stick around and expose more and more of his ignorance, because I am really getting a kick out of it.
Because 10 year s ago
Mr Ree isn't a troll. A troll is more than just saying stupid crap constantly in the hopes of angering someone. Mr Ree is just annoying and fails at trying to troll.
Asyiden 10 year s ago
I think its stupid to ban him for his comments, I think everyone has a right to their opinion and to comment even if it is a troll, the same way everyone has a right to ignore the comment, even if they lack the common sense to do so. If you're offended by a comment, then don't read it. You all know who he is and what he's about, if he bothers you, ignore it, give him a thumbs down if it makes you feel better.
jhg 10 year s ago
sounds like some dumb cunt with too much time on his hands,don't ban these cunts, the internet is all they have.
Ali 10 year s ago
The result will be to close to do the one or the other, just reduce his apperance. personaly, i like him if it fits.
Chinesesmalldick 10 year s ago
hi, i am chinese, i am offended by my name, what to do?
Close 10 year s ago
ROFL, poll shows how sad and pathetic Ree's life is, this guy spent all day today cycling through his dynamic ip's so that he could vote over and over. Sitting at 50/50 now, when it was close to 55/45 for the longest time.
samthesham 10 year s ago
ur a dumbass
Child 10 year s ago
Izi could send a signal and should have banned this "guy". Instead of that there is this stupid question and half of community is against banning him. So I have just one thing to say: "Izi and half of the community: f**k off!"
I'm off! There much better pages like this one!
Greetings to the other half! See u somewhere else!
Twine 10 year s ago
First of all, one of the problems is that anyone can be Mr.Ree. I've seen a bunch of "Mr.Ree" impersonators who go on and blatantly go on their frenetic hate. To them, you are hypocritical assholes. So IMHO, Mr.Ree might not be the author of all his comments. For that, I'll give him at least the benefit of the doubt.

Now, onto the Mr.Ree issue. I have to say that I don't like you, Real Mr.Ree, for the reasons you know. I know you're a troll. I've seen a whole lot of people who spend their time trolling like the jerks they're not. You've even managed to be the "official izismile troll", loved by some, hated by everybody else. But the real matter here is the escalation of hate and racism that followed your trolls. People now think that it's ok to go racist for the sake of a really bad joke. Is that really your goal? To make this website a safe haven for racist comments? I hope not.

One racist joke is fine, I laugh at some of them. But when your banter is plainly racist, it's not funny anymore.
Trolling is funny, I quite like it. I sometimes feed trolls myself for entertainment. But unfortunately for you, Mr.Ree, your trolling isn't the good stuff.

Now, Yeah, Izismile isn't "care bears" world, but you know it, by now. Of course, it's not a land where children come and watch pictures full of poneys and hearts, right? <3
Most of the people I see on izismile (through the comments, at least) seem to be at least teens and grown ups. And that obviously the group targeted. Of course, I'm sure there are also kids coming. But kids don't read comments. Right?
People who get mugged, who get in car crash, black hitting on white, white hitting on black, asians going crazy, girls showing their tush and shit like that... It's fucking stupid to think that izismile is only made of that! (and pardon my French). If it was the case, I wouldn't come on this website at all, and no one would. If it is the only thing you pick up when you come here, you are the one with problems.

Finally, on this case, izismile admins shouldn't have put him on a pedestal like that. But there are limited ways to reason with someone who stays hidden. If only he was registered, or left some ways to be contacted, admins would certainly have tackled the matter differently.

I don't really wish for Mr.Ree to be banned, but if he is, I don't care either.
Vodka 10 year s ago
the true Mr. Ree is a loser in real life. and a champion hero in the internet...
Tim 10 year s ago
obviously people don't see the humor of this question about banning mr ree, it's all good fun and maybe some of izi people are just back drunk on this fine sunday afternoon. just to see you smile :)
samthesham 10 year s ago
Be the Ree!
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
I am Mr. Ree and I approve this message
LOL AGAIN 10 year s ago
admin can trace lies dont ya know? muahahahahhaah

btw. was my previous comment taken out?

sad face =(
GOODSTUFF4U 10 year s ago
only 5089 views... enough said
orendadude 10 year s ago
I will stick with Mr Ree! At least he stands up for his opinion. Personally, I find his humour uplifting to downright hilarious. Is he out there killing people? Doubt it. Is he out there humiliating or degrading specific races or cultures? Doubt it. Is he making assumptions about the posters on this site like about half of you are. Not that I can see unlike some of the posts above. Hypocrites here? Absofuckingloutly!! I highly doubt that ANYONE reading this post has never had a racial feeling or acted differently in an ethnically different situation. Do you all stop and get out for an ice crean when driving through a ghetto? Doubt it!!
Pukli 10 year s ago
We don't need no bans here! And anyways you can only ban a user/ip, but you cannot ban a person.
PhuckYoo 10 year s ago
Yea Mr. Ree!!




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