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A Few Places That Look Awesome in Aerial Photographs (68 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography   16 Nov 2012   / 7650 views

Cement Co. in US

Decommissioned submarine reactors in US

Just forest in US

Neuf-Brisach fortified town in France

Upheaval Dome impact crater in US

Barreiras airport in Brazil

Coal-fires power station in England

Gibraltar airport in Gibraltar

Leeds Castle in England

Remains of Soviet antennas in Ukraine

Cardiff Castle in Wales

Xico crater in Mexico

Triangular airfield in US

Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

Largest ancient keyhole-shaped tomb in Japan

Launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in US

Guitar-shaped estate in US

McArthur River delta in Australia

Silbury Hill, largest European man-made mound in England

JFK taxi depot in US

Man-shaped lake in Brazil

Fortress town of Palmanova in Italy

Broken bridge between North Korea and China

Mount Vesuvius cone in Italy

Giant arrow pointing north in Poland

Dead Sea evaporation pans in Israel/Jordan

Sun Lakes retirement community in US

Wastewater treatment plant in US

Richat Structure in Mauritania

The Sun as a Face in Denmark

Military terrain model in China

Largest single-aperture telescope in Puerto Rico

Government Communications Headquarters in England

Mickey Forest in US

The Great Garden, one of Herrenhausen Gardens in Hannover, Germany

Cerne Abbas Giant in England

Seneca pumped storage generating station in US

Forbidden City in Beijing, China

Lonely Oak in Netherlands

Limerick nuclear power plant in US

Nardò Test Ring in Italy

Nuclear test craters at Enivetok Atoll

Circle City in US

One of the oldest European water bridges in Germany

Fish-shaped fen in Netherlands

Hidden storage area in Russia

Greensville Correctional Center in US

RAF/USAF communications base in England

Trains at Bailey classification yard in US

Artificial island with a sludge dump in Netherlands

Oil wells in US

Florence American Cemetery and Memorial in Italy

King Khalid Military City in Saudi Arabia

Miller Motorsports Park in US

Diamond mine in Russia

Olympic Stadium and The Biodome in Canada

Capulin Volcano National Monument in US

Prato Della Valle square in Italy

Large battle-management phased-array radar in Russia

Centre of congress / Hexa Grace in Monaco

Timber basin in Japan

National park around a volcano in New Zealand

Potash evaporation ponds in US

Oil refinery in England

Giant guitar in Argentina

Lake in desert in China

Cemetery De Akker in Netherlands

Grand Prismatic Spring in US

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Fenrisulven 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Do not forget the mouth of the Lena river, Russia: http://goo.gl/maps/xsAsG
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
michiel1078 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
bourtange netherlands
jpegger 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#7 can't be a coal-fired plant--where's all the evil, nasty, horrible pollution? Oh--wait--this is AFTER Obama announced that he intended to bankrupt the fossil fuel industries. Asshole.