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Some of the Best Gifs of 2012 (54 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   21 Dec 2012   / 92790 views

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The man who fell for the ol' "no glass in the door" trick

The man who escaped from a monster by throwing this printer out the window

The woman who felt the powerful might of the toilet paper leaf blower

The best high-five in history

The mystery of the liquor store trap door

The two strangers who dared to get down with their bad selves

The hypnotic process of pencil-making

And the beautiful machine that makes ice cream sandwiches

The capybara that needed a good pet

The hamster ball cyborg that will enslave us all

A slow loris very slowly eating a rice ball

And this very confused dog

The secret cat trick to pretend like they meant to do something all along

This dog politely introducing himself

The cheetah that one-upped the photographer

This very startled cat

A corgi that understands the importance of "lie down"

And this cat that understands the meaning of "heartbreak"

The dubstep cat that refused to stop raving

The happiest little boy in the whole world

These two tough guys

Ted Danson dancin'

The polar bear who dances through the infinite void of space

And this quiet afternoon between two friends

Christian Bale's visit with Kermit

And Nicolas Cage meeting Nicolas Cage

Katy Perry and Rihanna getting a little closer as friends

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