Christmas Gifts American Style (8 pics)

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Americans brag on social media sites about what they got for Christmas, posting pictures of themselves holding their new gifts.



Belindellase 10 year s ago
Well, so you kill all, sons of bitches
Fats-T 10 year s ago
And Obama thinks he'll ever get anywhere with his gun control agenda. LOL!!
iluvhatemail 10 year s ago
we will just give them texas and separate it from the rest of the country
Book__ 10 year s ago
Lets give ordinary civilians military assault weapons! That will work out well.........!
oddbal 10 year s ago
Where do you see military weapons?? These are AR-15 rifles, not a military weapon.
buttman 10 year s ago
only in the united states of idiots !
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
This is the main reason no invading army will ever take over the USA. How many countries in Europe, Asia and africa have been overrun easily by invading armies because the populace was unarmed and their government failed to protect them?
Won't happen here, bitches!
Don't like the USA? That's fine, we need more wimpy liberal cocksuckers like you living here like we need more niggers.

bshammel1 10 year s ago
AMEN brother
inoita11 10 year s ago
Fun fact! All the guns pictured are AR-15's. Last year more people were killed by hammers than AR-15's.

Soooo according to European logic, we should ban hammers along with baseball bats, knives, cars, alcohol and people's fists! Sound good?

Really, someone explain how banning guns will save so many lives? If someone wants to kill another person, they will find a way. And you could argue that having guns save lives but the media doesn't tell you that. Quit bashing the United States all the time when you know nothing.
djp 10 year s ago
Shooting someone can kill them from many yards away, when you might not see the fear in their eyes, and will often kill with just one press of the trigger.

It's so easy, even kids can do it, unintentionally, and they often do so.

Killing someone with a hammer will at least involve being within throwing distance, probably a lot closer.

It may be over with one massive blow to the head but, more likely, it will take a couple of minutes of feverish bashing to do sufficient damage to not just cripple the victim. All the while, the victim is likely to be fighting back, screaming and bleeding all over you. Hell, they may even fight back so well that they kill you instead.

That's why guns are a stupid idea. It allows cowards or idiots to kill with ease.

You 'would welcome another civil war'... you're a disgrace to humanity.

Actively wishing to have your neighbours (spelt correctly, btw) fighting each other? You numbskull...

Go live in Kosovo or Bosnia for a while (yes, those are what the rest of us call 'countries' - bits of land, yes, OUTSIDE the borders of the USA) and see how much fun a civil war was in the age of automatic weapons.
inoita11 10 year s ago
Answer me this, if we make guns illegal, what makes you think that the criminals will suddenly want to obey the law? Drugs are illegal, how effective is that from keeping them out of peoples hands? If we make guns illegal, it would only keep them out of the hands of people that are responsible enough to own them. I have my permit to carry and I have access to guns. If I want to, I can carry a .45cal 1911 into Walmart and guess how many people I've killed? ZERO. Because I chose not to. In the Aurora, Colorado shooting, there were 17 theaters closer to the shooter but he chose that one because they didn't allow guns in the theater. Inside that theater there was an ex-marine that left his gun in the car because it was illegal for him to bring it in. Had he brought it in, he could have saved the majority of the people.

I'm a disgrace to humanity? You should have told that to the Americans a loooong time ago when they decided to have that terrible, disgraceful civil war that happened to end slavery in America. So yes, I take my words back because I have just proven that nothing good has ever come out of a civil war done for the right reasons...

I'm not even sure why I give two f***s about what you say. You have no connection to my country. If something happens here, it will in no way affect you other than make you feel obligated to tell us how you would run a country that isn't even yours. You don't vote here, so I could care less about what you say.
djp 10 year s ago
How would one man with a legally held gun stop a massacre? Most likely, he'd be the first one shot and then the killer would have a free gun to continue the rampage.

How would the police be able to decide who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, especially in a dark, sold out cinema? And how would the law-abiding gun owner be able to identify the killer and take an accurate shot with 200+ other people panicking and trying to get out?

I agreee... more guns does not necessarily mean more deaths (Canada and Switzerland have high gun ownership, too) but it doesn't help when the youth of your country get fed a daily dose of America the Great, America the Strong, America #1... and all those TV shows and films that depict violence as an acceptable solution.

The rest of the world is laughing at America's policy on guns JUST AS MUCH as it is crying along side the families of all those innocents killed because it's legal to own a killing machine.
inoita11 10 year s ago
Are you really this dumb? You wonder how one person would stop a massacre? Uhhhh, shoot them...the same way it has done before. See, you can conceal carry, so nobody knows you have it since its only there for defense. So to the shooter, they are no different than any other person. I'm pretty sure I'm a good enough shot that if I were in the classroom I would have been able to stop the shooter.

Kind of a side note, at the Newtown shooting, the shooter only fired 32 shots total. That means one shot was for him, and 31 shots for 26 people. You mean to tell me that a 20 year old computer nerd only missed 5 times in a room full of children running around?

Anyways, why are you bringing up "How would the cops know who the shooter is"? I can tell you are just reaching for little points that you think might hold up. The guy was a MARINE SHARPSHOOTER, he said himself if he had his gun on him he could have taken a couple shots and brought him down. Once the shooter has been taken down, put your gun down and put your hands up.

Like I said before, it has been stopped but you don't hear about it, I'm not sure why you are trying to defend against that.

I can tell you are misinformed about American politics and media so I'll help you out. The news in America is mostly ran by democrats. I'm sure anything you see has been filtered by the liberal news then shown to you.

Wait a second...have you ever had alcohol?! Since you're debating about rights to own guns, I'm sure you haven't ever had a sip of alcohol since alcohol related accidents cause more deaths than guns. Right? Do you guys cry over all the Americans that die in drunk driving accidents?

If nothing else, answer me this directly. Why are you guys so concerned about guns, when we know that drunk drivers kill more people? Shouldn't that be your main concern you liberal yuppy?
Cancamuso 10 year s ago
Amazing how you (americans) keep trying to make the rest of the world understand that keeping guns at home is a good idea.

Really! Take your facts (hammers and bullshit) to the parents of the children killed in Newton.

And if you still don't get it, try to take the same situation to the rest of the planet. Guns for everyone!

Pray you don't have another civil war. That would be really interesting.
inoita11 10 year s ago
It wasn't even an AR-15 used there, the media just said that because they want to get leverage against them. So the lives of the children killed are more important than the lives taken by hammers and everything else? Pull your head out of your ass. Fact is, guns are the least of our problems. People are the problem, if they want someone dead and they can't get a gun, they will use a knife. Also why do you think that criminals will obey gun laws? In every state where it is legal to conceal a gun, there is less crime. A couple days after the Newtown(you spelled it wrong) shooting, a shooting was prevented because someone had a gun on them and killed the guy that was going to go on a rampage. This didn't make the news because it wouldn't support Obama's agenda.

And I would welcome another civil war. You know why? Because the side that I agree with has guns.

We are not telling the rest of the world this, we are doing our own thing. The rest of the world is coming in and telling us how we are dumb and don't know what we're doing.

Its my country. If you want to have an opinion about what we should do, you can come over here and do something for the freedom that we once had.
samthesham 10 year s ago
Look to Switzerland
Belindellase 10 year s ago
Guns for everyone! Thus freed the planet earth from your useless presence
djp 10 year s ago
Oh dear... another gun control 'argument'.

When will the USA realise that the rest of the world is laughing at your pathetic attempts to cling to a spurious interpretation of their 'rights'.

I say, let them keep their guns. All they're doing is killing each other and, with that mentality, that can only be a good thing.
inoita11 10 year s ago
You're still on a roll, aren't you? "I say, let them keep their guns. All they're doing is killing each other and, with that mentality, that can only be a good thing."<<What kind of person says that?

After arguing how bad guns are because they kill each other, you say we should kill each other because its a good thing. In that case, why don't we just kill you? That way we leave room for someone in the world that will hopefully have at least one logical thought, unlike you.
djp 10 year s ago
Thumbs up for being unable to understand irony!
inoita11 10 year s ago
Thumbs up for your points completely vanishing!

You know whyyyy you can't get any traction in this debate? Because you are arguing against someone that actually has a vested interest in this since I am an American. I'm an American not just because I live here, its because I am for keeping our rights and not giving them away to illegals and people that fly airplanes into buildings. Step down dude, I have no idea what country you're from but I'm sure it is a world power since you are worried about another one...
Belindellase 10 year s ago
djp, holy words
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