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Things That It’s Completely Normal to Fear (22 pics)

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Closed shower curtains (and the murderer waiting on other side)

You walk into the bathroom and instantly feel the need to check....just in case.

Flushing airplane toilets

People get sucked in...IT HAPPENS.

Falling down that space in a spiral staircase

It may not be probable, but just the thought is enough to make your stomach hurt.

Long underground tunnels

It will end soon....I know it will.

Walking over sidewalk grates and cellar doors

Who checks those things for safety? And unfortunately, it does happen

Driving over bridges

Focus on the end goal, it will be okay.

Every single species of bird

Fluttery and shifty animals are not to be trusted, Hitchcock taught us well.

Becoming convinced there is someone in the trunk of your car

Blast music and check your rear-view every five minutes.

Touching dryer lint

Out of all the weird things you have to touch in your life, we could all do without this strange substance.

Swimming in dark water

Sharks,man. So what if this is a land-locked lake, it could still happen.

Elevators in general

Not to mention how much worse this feeling is in a overly crowded elevator. Deep Breaths.

Driving under a height limit bar.

Even if you know you will make it...what if you dont?

Open closet doors

The smaller the space of the opening, the more fear it instills in your heart.

Finding a spider in your shoe

Check every time, all because of that ONE time.

Holding babies

So fragile, so loud, so scary.

Believing your arm will never regain feeling after it goes numb

Why is it taking so long.... it shouldn't be taking this long right?

Or that the novocain will NEVER wear off

The dentist said an hour or two...but you are starting to get freaked out. Plus you want to eat that sandwich.

Driving behind one of these bad boys

One too many action movies perhaps.

Getting a charley horse the second you step off the treadmill

Even if you ate a banana that day.

The possibility of a friend from the sewer ending up in your toilet

Thankfully, extremely unlikely.

Consuming expired food

Even if it's just a day over, that's one day too many for you.

Doing things like this

It's not the height that worries you, it's the single pane of glass you don't trust.

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Mr. Ree 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
If any of these things actually frighten you, you are a PUSSY.

If more than one of these things frighten you, go crawl back into your mommies womb.

If all of these things frighten you, change your name to gallinazo.

samthesham 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
1st world fears
Elbereth 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#10 In Scotland, they have monsters in their lochs. Giant ones!
straanj 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
OMG what a sissy...