The Amazing Surviving Cat (16 pics)

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January 30, 2012. The night we adopted "Cheetoh" (Now Chester) Love from the very start

But we started to worry. He couldn't lay in any other position, never played, never ate, and was always sick. We'd been taking him to a vet since the day we got him, but they were never helpful. (Note the little heart shape on the top of his head)

4 months later, we switched vets and found out Chester had been hit by a car sometime in the past. He had a chronic diaphragmatic hernia and he needed expensive and risky surgery to live a full life, so we packed up and drove to Washington State University

The surgery went alright, but he crashed soon after. His blood pressure dropped to near dead levels, and he was in the ICU for six terrifying days with someone literally watching only him for 24hrs/day. We camped in a park/in our car while we waited. Visiting twice a day.
If anyone has a similar issue and it's possible, go to WSU. They are probably the best people in the world and damn good vets. They fell in love with Chester instantly, and made him a custom eye mask out of gauze so he could get some sleep and recover.
The surgeon told us that based on Chester's cracked pelvis and the way it was fused, he'd been hit by a car at least a year before the surgery. So he was living on the streets in this condition for at least 7 months. The strength it took to stay alive for that long while being basically paralyzed, I will never understand.
Finally got to come home. Lots of heat packs for faster recovery. He weighed basically nothing at this point and was so feeble. It was equal parts adorable and heartbreaking.
His strength started to come back, but because of the blood pressure crash, blood couldn't get to his back right foot, and a week later, the foot started to die

We were able to save most of his foot, but the outside toes had to come off. We couldn't afford more surgery, so we held an online fundraiser.

three weeks later, the surgery was paid for and Chester had two less toes. Edit: This was done back home with equally awesome vets.
I had to change his bandage alone sometimes, so Chester ended up angry and in a towel while I cleaned his foot and made a new bandage three times a week.
Sometimes he got to clean it himself.

Because of his car accident, his organs were smashed against his lungs, making it impossible for him to lay on his back before the first surgery. Now, he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

His foot is fully healed, he can sleep comfortably, and he's gained 2 kg since his stomach can now expand properly.
He can even be a big bully when other cats come to stay for a week.
A year later, healthier than ever, happy and loved. We made him an adoption day pillow as a present and as homage to the AMAZING people who saved his life at WSU.

Jayzen Freeze 10 year s ago
damn straight. they where very lucky to have that kind of money to do that. must of cost $5,000 + to do all that. I was at the vet 3 months ago and overheard someone in the next room say to the Doctor if it cost more than $200 they would of had to put it down, the type of person I am I told my friend if I could afford it I wont let there cat die. they managed to save the cat.
Peanut 10 year s ago
Chester is a lucky cat to have people who love him.

Kudos to you, Jayzen Freeze. You're a good person.
izabeladarraj 10 year s ago
amazing story
Elbereth 10 year s ago
Animals - they have the power to get into your heart, and stay there.
Given that, when they get hurt, you hurt.
Good for you for being so kind hearted.
Slyce 10 year s ago
What a handsome kitty! So glad he's ok now! That was a lot for ALL of you to go thru! But it seems everyone came out happy & healthy!




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