Shortlisted Finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards (35 pics)

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These amazing photos have been shortlisted as finalists in a competition that saw over 122 000 entries. They will be exhibited at the Somerset House in London from 26 April - 3 May and will also feature in the 2013 print edition of the Sony World Photography Awards book.


Professional Competition: Shortlist and Finalists


White-handed Tree Frog by Hudson Garcia

Journey to Jerusalem of Africa by Gali Tibbon

Every year, just before Christmas day (Julian calendar) thousands of pious Christian orthodox worshipers make pilgrimage to Lalibela, a small town in Ethiopia’s highlands, known as ‘Jerusalem of Africa’ or ‘Black Jerusalem’. Lalibela is famous for its 13th century monolithic churches, carved out of the living rock and one of the world’s great wonders.

Personality and society. Reality vs illusions. by Ilya Pitalev

Machine Gun Americana by Pete Muller

Faster than the Speed of Sound by Balazs Gardi

Dubai Aerials by Johannes Heuckeroth

Eye to Eye by Rob Van Thienen

On the Shore of a Vanishing Island by Daesung Lee

The Last Days of Obama’s Campaign by Brooks Kraft

Inside Kabul’s Screens by Danish Siddiqui

Jim Rickey by Christian Aslund

Project: Honkey Kong – a 2d platform game tribute. Shot on location in Hong Kong. Images were shot from skyscrapers toward the ground, using a telephoto lens to make the image as flat as possible to make it look like a platform game.

The Wealthy Roma of Buzescu by Ivan Kashinsky

Six-year old twins Gelu and Edi Petrache sit on stairs in a mansion on Easter Sunday in Buzescu, a small town in Romania. Buzescu is known for its ultra-wealthy Roma and their bizarre mansions that line the main street. The Roma of Buzescu are part of the Kalderash clan and are known for being coppersmiths and dealing with metal scraps. After the fall of the communist regime in the late 80s, they stripped old factories of their metals and some made a small fortune re-selling them. They are also known for making cazane, copper stills that produce alcohol such as palinka, a plum brandy.

Afrometals by Daniele Tamagni

Urban Darkness by Christof Pluemacher

Makro Dunyasi by Mehmet Karaca

A Portrait of the Matterhorn by Nenad Saljic

Encerrados by Valerio Bispuri

Bolted by Adam Pretty

Open Competition: Shortlist and Finalists


Game of Colors by Anurag Kumar

Face to Face by Christian Vizl

Starry Tree by Elmar Akhmetov

Waikiki Beach by Flavio D’Aquino

Running for Life by Frederick van Heerden

Don’t Leave Me Alone by Hoang Hiep Nguyen

Untitled by Huu Hung Truong

Wasp by John Matzick

Sheep River by Maciej Grzegorzek

Soul of Sir Hitchcock by Maciej Makowski

Action Inside by Markus Reugels

Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2012 by Ng Chai Hock

Butterfly Magic by Petar Sabol

The Godfather by Peter Delaney

Youth Competition: Shortlist and Finalists


Urban Environment by Robert Gifford

Nature’s Fightback by Jimmy

Haweswater Calm by Joe Stockdale

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Elbereth 10 year s ago
Our world together with these photographers skills make for wonderful and thought provoking pieces of art.



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