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The Battle of the Best College Campus Eats from around the USA (33 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food   18 Mar 2013   / 11067 views

According to the Food Network's Cooking Channel, these are the 32 best "campus eats" across the country.


Temple University: The Koagie from Sammy Chon's Ktown BBQ

Baylor University: The Gut Pack from Vitek's BBQ

University of Maryland: Fear the Turtle Ice Cream from UM Ice Cream (aka "The Dairy")

University of Pittsburgh: The Southside Slopes from Fatheads

Iowa State University: Veishea Cherry Pies

Marquette University: The Marquette from Real Chili

University of Wisconsin, Madison: Bo's Express Ice Cream from the Babcock Hall Dairy Store

University of Michigan: Triple Play Reuben from Maize and Blue Delicatessen

University of Montana: Griz Breakfast Burrito

Syracuse University: Toasted Honey Buns from Cosmos Pizza and Grill

Indiana University: Sink the Biz Fries from Nick's English Hut

University of Texas at Austin: Don Juan Breakfast Taco from Juan in a Million

University of Kentucky: Ho Burger and Cheddar Tots from Tolly Ho

University of California Los Angeles: Ice Cream Sandwich from Diddy Riese

Gonzaga University: COG Cookies

University of Oklahoma: Queso and Chips from The Mont

Harvard University: The Viagra aka Rise to the Occasion Burger from Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

UC Berkeley: The Top Dog Frankfurter with Russian-Style Hot Mustard from Top Dog Hot Dog

Michigan State University: Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from Melting Moments

Fordham University: Chicken Roll from Pugsley Pizza

University of Memphis: Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza

University of Illinois: Stuffed Pizza from Papa Del

University of Kansas: Crunchy Chicken Cheddar Wrap

North Carolina State: Mimi's Sausage Dip from Player's Retreat

Princeton University: The Phat Lady from Hoagie Haven

University of North Carolina: Chicken Cheddar Biscuit from Time-Out

Ohio State University: The Buckeye Doughnut from Buckeye Doughnuts

Duke University: Greek Devil Gyro from The Greek Devil Food Cart

University of Missouri: Booches Burger from Booches Billiard Hall

Rutgers University: The Grease Truck Sandwich

Georgetown University: Chicken Madness from Wisemiller's Grocery and Deli

Purdue University: Boilermaker Pete from Triple XXX Family Restaurant

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Narcotics 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
World's Greatest Cancer .
Peanut 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Yuk! They all look disgusting.
Dertick 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Disgusting, and Fat as possible ...
Don't they know what food ans cooking is in America ?
crispy 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I saw that burger on the main page and thought "man I'd kill for one of those..." Wouldn't you know it, I've had one before. Ate at the XXX at Purdue all the time. Tasty.