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These Freaky Face Swaps Will Definitely Keep You Up at Night (29 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop   13 Apr 2013   / 17811 views

A young horse feeds a majestic girl with her mouth:

Justine Swift and Taylor Bieber – The cutest lesbian couple you've ever seen:

All-star basketball player basketball dunks a Michael Jordan:

A proud Native American chief poses in his tie-dye ironic teen t-shirt:

Jim Beasly and Pam Halpert from The Office:

A heroic cat saves a terrified firefighter from a burning building:

Taylor Styles and Harry Swift go out for a stroll:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Bieber meets teenage pop idol Stephen Harper:

Olympic gymanst Barack Obama meets President McKayla Maroney:

A daring catfish catches a man-sized river man:

The accidental face swap... the most elusive face swap of them all:

An adorable toddler chases his dad down the street:

An infant introduces her mom to the pool for the first time:

Anne Gyllenhaal and Jake Hathaway on the cover of Entertainment Weekly:

Chandler Gellar and Monica Bing from Friends:

Ice-C and Toto visit a topless beach:

Prince Ariel and Eric meet for the first time:

A young Santa Clause cries as a precocious old man runs out of the shot:

Two identical twins swap faces... I think...

A housebear cozies up with a friendly black cat:

A darling young couple of windmills visit the countryside:


Robotics expert Wall-E shows off his latest creation:

A couple of fitness enthusiasts leave the gym:

A confused young father holds his sinister baby:

Squidward is shocked by how handsome Patrick is:

Miley Hemsworth and Liam Cyrus spotted in the public:

A young woman and her friend ball pass around a human head:

An iPhone takes a selfie with his human man:

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Datzkunk 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#5 Pam now looks like Chris Pontius from jackass. #19 are two random dudes that just met, not twins. The rest can be quite disturbing.