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Master Locksmith Breaks Into a Tennessee Safe (21 pics)

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See what Tim found inside…

They call him..... Tim.

Here is our locksmith scoping out the safe. He said about 30 mins into this that if he had known what he was getting into, he would have referred the job to someone else. It looked like a complete pain in the ass to open this up. He had to keep his weight above the drill and the workspace was very uncomfortable.

The dial comes off.

He made pretty quick work of the dial. Drilled 2 holes and then used a couple of screws to raise the dial and remove it from the safe.

The cap comes off.

Tim did it! Lots of scoping and turning. He had the first 2 numbers fairly early on and had a hard time getting the last one. I think the 2nd wheel inside was obscured and it made this a pain in the ass for poor Tim...

The bottom of the safe.

The bottom of the safe had a LOT of corrosion on it. This is more than likely what kept our combination from working.


Tim took this apart for us. I thought it might be neat for some of you to see an inside view of the safe cap.

This safe got it's ass kicked!

Bastard parts...

The drill barely bent these parts just enough for to obscure one of the wheels from being seen by the scope. Just a tad more one way or the other with the drill and this would have been an easier open.

First view of the safe.

It looks so different with the flash on. I looked down in there and it looked like there were several stacks of bricks. I also noticed a LOT of moisture inside the safe. I remember that there was a pipe leak in the house a few years back. I'm sure some of the water from that had accumulated in the safe. Very dank.... Where are my gloves again?

First item out.

This on looks like a book of coins from a particular year. There were so many like this down there. The moisture in the safe makes the covers very mushy, but the coins inside are in surprisingly good shape!

More out of the safe.

Lots and lots of coin boxes! I knew my Grandmother collected coins, but I thought we had found all of them!

Making a pile on the kitchen table.

This was about 1/3 of the boxes I pulled out of the safe.

More soggy money.

Wet money....

Small stack of bills in the safe. Soaking wet. Hopefully, I can get these separated and dried out!


This view reminds me of the wishing well in The Goonies! There were so many rolls of coins down there. Some of them were in plastic tubes, but more were unfortunately in paper tubes.

Stack of coins forming up on the outside of the hole.

More stacks of coin collection boxes.

I've noticed that a lot of these coins are silver and old!

Many, many tubes of coins.

Silver coin.

I found several of these coins. They appear to be silver.

More silver bars found.

A Rusty Tool box in the bottom of the safe.

Jewelry is uncovered!

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i could be wrong, but it looks like grandma was a dedicated but pretty amateur collector. probably not a big payday there, not to mention every dealer alive will try to fleece this guy for whatever value actually is there.