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No Matter How Hard I Try, I Just Don’t Get It (18 pics)

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Fenrisulven 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#3 It feels natural
#4 A round box is more expensive to make. Triangle slices from a round pizza are better because they can all be similar. Square cut creates some "stupid" slices.
#7 It tend to have more "connections" to the keyboard with more spring coils so it can be pressed down without anything jamming.
#13 Because a bird wing still has fingers.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
RayDube 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
In cursive it works, double u
In French it works for "block", but not cursive, double v.
Lemmy 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
This is a SH*T POST!...Obvious answers to follow:

#1- Because your organizational skills have increased
#2- Because we are social creatures. If we are touching someone we'll be talking to them too.
#3- The string of sounds are mechanically efficient for the mouth to form in that order.
#5- because That's how you Learned to draw a star. You F*CKTARD.
#8- Advertisers are using the positive connotation of the word 'FUN' to sell you an expectation.
#9- I think because the original 'U' was formed by Romans who drew it as a 'V'.
#10- It's a pair of leggings. Called pants.
#12- Why the F**K would you do that?
#13- Cows don't have medallions yet we get beef medallions out of them. It's a simple shape thing you moron.
#14- It means eye's toward danger. How stupid are you?
#15- You're stretching your muscles you jackass. The lungs, neck, jaw, & mouth are filled with them. F*cking idiot!
#16- cause ink costs money and a business needs to know about how much they're always going to need by past usage. Also, it make the character more recognizable.
#17- ALWAYS WORKS. You're a F*cking Puss!
#18- To CHECK whether we're hitting the button right before we bother switching out the goddamn batteries.

Was this post written by a 5 year old whose parents make all the decisions and who has never left the house? The internet is filled with plenty of crap but this is embarrassing...
jubyp0b 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM

#2 To ease the annoying sound / touch stimuli avalanche.

#7 Because it's hollow.

#8 The original concept was to allow kids to store a full pack in their pockets while playing. They had fun while having fun.

#12 People do that due to barfing / crying being being a social sign of weakness.

#16 Also, characters are easier to recognize and merchandise.

#18 People who tend to hit the buttons harder have a tendency to expect the worst and not think logically. The simplest solution usually is failing batteries. Yet people hit the buttons harder because they think the remote itself is starting to break.


Wanted to "+1" you and I accidentally "-1" you. Sorry. Go ahead and "-1" me, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Darned mouse >_>
Mr. Ree 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I think lemmy has some anger management issues, don'tcha fucktard?

Fats-T 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Who else found the comment section way more entertaining than the post itself?
loomy 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
internet is full of dumb kids with too much time to create stupid pictures or questions.
they should at least show him yahoo answers or such