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A Few People Who Have Really Capitalised on a Bad Situation (19 pics + 4 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   3 Jun 2013   / 8077 views

Morgan Freeman, after getting caught sleeping during an interview:

The business-savvy owner of this liquor store:

This guy whose Oklahoma home is fresh on the market:

This guy who decided that he had been rear-ended enough:

These kids who didn’t get the snow day they deserved:

The brilliant mind that thought up “grilldos”:

This guy, who wouldn’t let one little arrest ruin his good times:

This guy who found a pretty good way to get rid of a mountain lion:

Someone who recognized when they had made a mistake, and apologized for it:

The world’s most graceful losers, the New York Post:

This blonde who embraced the stereotype:

This guy who saw an awesome opportunity in an unfortunately accident:

This guy who goes above and beyond the call of duty:

This guy whose broken pinky made him permanently sophisticated:

This parent who turned a broken windshield into an awesome photo op:

This guy who knows how to woo the ladies:

This person who made their cracked screen work in their favor:

This newly single father looking for love in all the right places:

This guy who made the most of his traffic camera photos:

These garbage men who won’t let a blizzard slow them down:

This guy who makes even the gym look exciting:

This guy worming his way to the finish line:

And bonus: this dog who was outfitted with a pretty handy privacy cone after surgery:

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