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Gaming in a Briefcase (26 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby   15 Jul 2013   / 6464 views

This cool custom-made box fits an Xbox 360 and all the extra’s into one portable metal briefcase.

I forgot to take a picture of the briefcase and everything before I started, but heres the first one I took

Mounted the motherboard to a plastic sheet I had cut.

Did a terrible job cutting out the I/O ports

Disk drive

setting everything in to see how I want to arrange it.

Made a little HDD platform

Added the plexi-glass. (honestly did this too early but I was eager) Plexi-glass was cut by hand. Theres 3 hinges in the back that allow you to open and close the plexi-glass.

Fitting the disk drive and adding vinyl.

cut out the eject button.

testing the dvd drive (getting it to fit perfectly was an enormous pain. As well as getting the eject button sensor to read correctly)

Added the plate for the I/O ports.

Cutting out the disk drive


drilled out the ventilation for the cpu/gpu fan


I needed to add an intake because the xbox was overheating. Here I wired it into the 12v of the CPU/GPU fan, but it ended up being too loud. So in the end I just changed the intake fan to run off of USB

had to slolder in longer wires for the disk drive as well.

The screen finally arrived!

added the screens power block

Ran a 1.5 Ft HDMI cable from the TV to this HDMI female-female adapter. This way the xbox can plug in to the built-in TV or a different one.

Finally finished. The whole process (including waiting for the T.V. to ship) was about 2 weeks. There was a lot of things I had originally intended on doing that I wasn't able to unfortunately. My biggest regret is doing this for my friend instead of myself.. As payment, he gave me the Dremel he bought for me to use on the project, so I suppose it worked out in the end

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AMemoriam 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Want to make an awesome gaming rig like this.. and then you use xbox360 hardware? Big fail.
Poorly executed
Cool story Insane Toxicity. Did you make that in your parents basement.