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Triumphant Times from Your Childhood Remembered Fondly (20 pics + 6 gifs)

Posted in Lifestyle   22 Jul 2013   / 5393 views

When, after blowing hundreds of quarters, this happened…

When you proved to everyone that you were a genius.

When your princess WASN’T in another castle.

When you hacked a Twizzler and turned it into a straw.

When you survived the slide at Discovery Zone.

When you got to be the one who activated this.

When you used Lite-Brite to spell out dirty words.

When you managed to get this to work like on the commercials…

When you completed this brilliant work of fiction.

When you conquered the American frontier.

When you realized you could make a sandwich out of Pop Tarts.

When your Spirograph art actually looked like… ART.

When you actually finished building something with Legos…

…or K’Nex.

When you got your first Minesweeper win.

When you were totally crushing it on the Skip-It.

When you died in every Choose Your Own Adventure, but WHO CARES YOU WERE A SHARK.

When you hit the sickest trick shot ever.

That one brief moment when your Tamagotchi wasn’t crying or pooping.

When you constructed the most epic pillow fort ever.

When you actually made something delicious with an Easy Bake Oven.

When you won a piece of the Aggro Crag.

When you had a good day at the arcade.

And all that bought you just a single pack of gum.

When you beat the hardest game of all time.

Seriously, you deserved a job with the CIA if you could do this.

When you found one of these holographic babies in your pack of Pokemon cards.

When you won this holiest of holies…

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#13 The plural of Lego is "Lego". Anyone who says or writes "Legos" should be made to do a barefoot 100m sprint on a Lego-covered racetrack. Then be force-fed the 1x1x1/3 translucent ones until they are pooping them. Then, they will be made to build a working guillotine from those bricks and then be decapitated by it. A Lego pikestaff will then be used to display their head for all to see. And Lego crows will peck out their eyes.