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A Look at a Past Gone By in Rarely Seen Images (53 pics)

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Native American couple, Situwuka and Katkwachsnea in 1912.

The fuel tanks of the B-24H Liberator "Little Warrior" explode over Germany after being hit by anti-aircraft guns in 1944.

The Statue of Liberty photographed during a power failure in 1942.

Camp Commandant Amon Goeth, infamous from the movie "Schindler's List", on the balcony of his house overlooking Plaszow labor camp.

Hitler breaks ground on his ambitious plans to link all major German cities with highways.

Amelia Earhart receives what proved to be her last haircut in 1937.

The RMS Olympic, the Titanic's sister ship, in wartime camouflage in 1915.

The mugshot of Tokyo Rose, 1946.

George W. Bush plays a little dirty rugby for Yale in 1966.

Harry Houdini exposes "spirit trickery" in 1925.

Washington-Hoover Airport which was demolished in 1941. This is where the Pentagon stands today.

1945, German POWs weep and sit in disgust as they watch footage shot at a German concentration camp.

The Golden Gate Bridge around 1935.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows off to some elderly women in the 1970's.

The Kennedy family leave the funeral of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

June 1915, Gallipoli: a Turkish snipersharpshooter, dressed as a tree, is captured by two Anzacs.

Two childhood friends unexpectedly reunite on opposite sides of a demonstration in 1972.

Union prisoners receive rations at Fort Sumter in 1864.

OJ Simpson carries the Olympic Torch in 1984. Nichole Brown can be seen on the left.

Construction of Hoover Dam in 1934.

Dr. Werhner von Braun,"Father of Rocket Science" and Walt Disney in 1954.

Dinosaurs are transported on the Hudson River to the 1964 World's Fair.

A permanent stable cavity caused by the detonation on an underground nuclear test in 1961.

Vladimir Putin and his childhood friends in 1969. None of them have been seen since!

Future presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush with Governor George Wallace at a BBQ in 1983.

Children for sale in Chicago, 1948. Some parents sold their children due to poverty.

Survivors of the Titanic are taken on board the Carpathia in 1912.

Anastasia shares a smoke with her father, Tsar Nicholas II two years before their assassination in 1916.


Crowds rush through the castle on Disneyland's opening day in 1955.

Mark Twain in 1883.
The earliest known aerial photograph, taken from a balloon over Paris in 1858.


Soviet soldiers stand dumfounded at a large pile of human ashes found at the Majdanek concentration camp in 1944.

A lion rides in the sidecar during a performance of The Wall of Death carnival attraction at Revere Beach, Massachusetts in 1929.

Medical students pose with a cadaver around 1890.

Construction of the Sydney Opera House in 1966.

A burial at sea on board the USS Lexington in 1944.

Frank Sinatra asks Lou Gehrig for an autograph in 1939.

Children rush into a candy store following the end of "sweets rationing" in 1953.

The rather luxurious seating area of the submarine, The Protector, in 1902.

What is thought to be the oldest known war photograph: New Hampshire volunteers depart for the Mexican War in 1846.

Mourners pay their respect to slain civil rights leader, Medgar Evars in 1963. His killer was finally convicted in 1994.

Soldiers comfort each other during the Korean war in the early 1950's.

Albert Einstein brings sexy back in 1932.

Prosthetic legs in 1900.

Six year-old Arthur Conan-Doyle in 1865.
The Japanese "War Tuba" used to locate enemy aircraft before the invention of radar. Circa 1930.
Coney Island in 1905

Ham the chimp returns to Earth following his historic 16 minute space flight in 1961.

The aftermath of the Great Hurricane of 1900 which killed an estimated 8,000 people in Galveston, Texas.

An iceberg photographed in 1912 bearing an unmistakable mark of black and red paint. It is believed that this is the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

A rescue boat comes alongside the crippled USS West Virginia shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Betty White at home with her dog in 1952.

Wielu324 just after German Luftwaffe bombing the 1st of September 1939. Not only did this bombing provide a spark for World War II, but it is generally believed to be the first terrorist bombing in history.

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cieciu 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#53 to be more accurate, first terrorist bombing was in Guernica, Spain, 27th April 1937. Bombing Wielun (not Wielu324) was the first military operation during WW2, not the spark that started the War.
Peanut 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Great post. Thanks for sharing
#9 He looks like a cross between Elvis and Steve Irwin.
#23 Can you say "fallout"?
#33 The expression on that Lion's face is epic.
#48 Look how pleased he is with himself. Poor bastard was probably dissected after that :(
#50 "Unmistakable mark of black and red paint"? Ummm, no, where?
gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#1 well, they're too beautiful to live, obviously. they must be wiped out if possible or their lands taken away and then destroyed at the very least!

#34 holy shit... not a model of a skeleton, not a real skeleton dried out, but an actual cadavar in process of decomposition. freaky.