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Candid Life Moments Caught as Amusing Animated GIFs (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   31 Jul 2013   / 28723 views

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Trying to get a job in this economy:

When you open your camera on your phone and it’s switched to front facing:

When you find out the concert you want to go to is sold out:

When one of your relatives messages you online:

When you see a hot person:

Getting dressed in your room when someone tries to come in:

When you’re at a store and put something back in a different place than where you picked it up:

When you successfully get away with a lie:

When you watch the Food Network:

When you post something on Facebook and it gets zero likes:

When your friends bring something up that you said not to:

When you go grocery shopping hungry and then see the total:

When you walk in on someone in the bathroom:

When you overhear someone saying nice things about you:

When you’re awake before everyone else:

Trying to walk after a really hard workout:

Trying to explain things with majestic hand signals:

When someone tells you to stop laughing:

When you get stuck behind a slow walker:

When you show someone something funny and are waiting for their reaction:

When you find a really great parking spot:

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