Inside the 1983 Sear Electronics Catalogue… (13 pics)

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Seeing how outdated this technology is now will blow your mind!

Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer: $49

Catalog Description:
2K memory expands to a powerful 16K. Most of the 40 keys are programmed for up to five commands. "One Touch" keyword entry system eliminates a great deal of typing keywords (RUN, LIST, PRINT, etc) all have their own single key entry. Pressure Sensitive, plastic membrane keyboard. 

Uniden Cordless Phones: $250

Catalog Description:
The digital coded security system allows you to program any one of 256 possible security code combinations in your EX-6000 to prevent unauthorized access to your phone system. Programmable auto dialer stores up to thee numbers (16 digits each) and dials them from memory on a simple 2-button command.

Boom Box: $250

Catalog Description:
Boom Box with two detachable two-way speakers for greater sound separation, Dolby noise reduction. Automatic program selection system with record mute, metal tape capability.

VHS - Beta: $890

Catalog Description:
Sears Best Beta VCR has four-day, eight-program advance programming, multi-function infrared wireless remote control plus noise-free special effects and more! Quartz synthesized electronic tuner. Everyday function lets you program unit to record program at the same time everyday.

Portable Cassette Player: $60

Catalog Description:
Anti-rolling mechanism helps keep cassette playing evenly if jarred.

Video Disc Player: $290

Catalog Description:
Two-speed visual search quickly lets you find the movie scene you want. Semi-automatic loading plays both stereo and mono CED-format discs. 

Atari 1200 XL: $600

Catalog Description:
Stimulate your mind and senses with the thrill of video games, the challenge of programming and the creativity of of graphics and sound. Powerful 64K memory handles complex programs. Full-sized, full-stroke, typewriter-like keyboard, 55 alphanumeric keys plus 11 special function keys. Upper/lower case, full-screen editing, 4 independent sound voices covering 3.5 octaves, and 256 brilliant colors.

Canon AE-1 Program: $280

Catalog Description:
Black vinyl-covered metal body with chrome plated trim. Features exposure preview switch memory lock, stop-down lever, and convenient "action grip" to provide a firm grip. Viewfinder shows manual mode, program mode, aperture scale, stopped down metering index, flash ready, and focusing information.

Steam in a Cabinet: $390

Catalog Description:
Molded fiberglass body. Door has full length stainless steel hinges and seals of neoprene; opens from inside and outside.

Sensaphone: $200

Catalog Description:
Sensaphone is a unique monitoring system that calls and tells you about conditions inside your home or business if there's a problem during your absence. It will keep calling you and 3 other people you designated until someone is alerted.

10 Speeds: $260

Catalog Description:
Suteki Bikes are built to meet the demands of serious bikers and have these features for lightness and high performance.

Computer Glossary: Free

Catalog Description:
Access Time - the time it takes for info to be written to or read from a diskette, cassette, or Wafertape.

Mr. Ree 7 year s ago
30 years from now, people will think the same of today's technology and prices except they will be glowing in the dark from radiation exposure and eating mutated humans for food.

rikki_doxx 7 year s ago
And we went to the moon with less technology than those computers.



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