Touching Photos Show Animals Before and After They Were Rescued (20 pics)

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Velma Before

A motorist found Velma on a country road and took her to Farm Sanctuary’s New York shelter. She had severe pneumonia and her eyes were swollen shut.

Velma After

Now she’s busy being an awesome turkey. She is super energetic and curious about everything.

Swoozie Before

Swoozie was rescued by a humane officer from a California Ranch where she was being starved to death.

Swoozie After

Her thing now is that she likes to hang out on the goats’ jungle gym with her goat pals.

Riley Before

When Riley was rescued from a New York livestock auction, he was too sick to stand.

Riley After

He still has a slight head tilt from his early trauma, but that doesn’t prevent him from playing and hanging out like a pro.

Opie Before

Opie was discarded and left to die by a dairy producer and rescued by Farm Sanctuary’s president.

Opie After

He later went on to become the leader of Farm Sanctuary’s cattle herd for 18 years.

Nikki and Babies Before

After massive flooding in the Midwest in 2008, thousands of pigs were abandoned in factory farms. Among them was Nikki, who managed to save herself and gave birth in a levee. She kept her babies safe until rescuers arrived.

Nikki and Babies After

She and her babies are still inseparable!

Johnny Damon Before

Johnny Damon was seized, along with 56 other animals, from an upstate New York property that was allowing them to freeze to death.

Johnny Damon After

After being treated for frostbite, he was anxious to join the flock of hens that he now hangs out with.

Jack Before

Jack was left to die in a pen at a livestock auction, but rescued in the nick of time by a humane investigator.

Jack After

After a long fight for life, he fully recovered and grew into an awesome grown-up goat.

Hilda Before

Hilda was left in a pile of animal carcasses at a feedlot in Pennsylvania, but was able to slightly raise her head when her rescuer arrived to signal that she was still alive.

Hilda After

She became the first animal rescued by Farm Sanctuary, and lived happily there for 11 years.

Elliott Before

Elliott was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn with a tag in his ear that said “MEAT.” He had recently escaped from a live animal market in New York.

Elliott After

He has since gained almost 50 pounds, and is growing strong enough to romp and play.

Angie Before

Angie was rescued from an egg farm where she had been left to die in a manure pit.

Angie After

Now she’s this beautiful creature! Her main deal is that she likes to scratch for grit, dust bathe, and bask in the sun.



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couldn't make it very far trying to look at those before pics. :(
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