The Weirdest and Wackiest Contests of the World (25 pics)

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25. World Body Painting Competition

Held every year in Austria they take their body painting very seriously…very seriously.

24. Toe Wrestling
All you need for this intense international competition is one very dextrous toe.
23. Future Milk Contest

Have you ever wondered what milk containers will look like in the future? Yea, neither have we…but apparently there are people out there that have and they are willing to compete over their ideas.

22. Competitive Bed Jumping

Yes, it really exists.

21. Extreme Ironing

It’s basically the act of ironing under the most extreme circumstances possible

20. Art Space Competition

It basically involves drawing the craziest sci fi panorama you can think of. Only the nerdiest of nerds are allowed entry.

19. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

This hotdog eating contest takes place every year. The record so far is 66 hotdogs in 12 minutes.
18. World Black Pudding Throwing Competition

Legend has it that years ago when Lancaster and York met on the battlefield, as soon as they ran out of ammunition they started throwing food. To this day the battle is commemorated by the throwing of Lancastrian (black) pudding at a target of Yorkshire pudding.

17. Virtual Cooking Competitions

This is how you know technology has gone too far.

16. Spud Gun Contest

Also known as a potato cannon contest, these competitions can attract some big time competitors. The amount of money and technology that some people put into launching potatoes can be a bit unbelievable.

15. World Sauna Championships

Taking place every August in Finland the winner of this contest has to sit in the 110 degree heat for the longest.

14. World’s Ugliest Dog Competion

The picture says it all.

13. World Beard And Moustache Championship

Held in different locations around the globe, this competition is the ultimate display of facial manliness.

12. World Conker Championships

Armed with little more than 12 inches of string with a nut attached to the end competitors take turns swinging their conkers at the other’s until the man with the last conker standing wins.

11. Worm Charming

Every year contestants gather to “charm” worms out of the ground by yelling, poking, and prodding. Right now the world record is held by teenager Tom Shufflebotham who collected 551 worms in 30 minutes.

10. Chess Boxing

You’ve probably heard of chess and you’ve probably heard of boxing, but have you heard of chess boxing? By alternation rounds in the ring and then at the chessboard this is the ultimate brains and brawn competition.

9. Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

With numerous competition all over the globe Chad Fell is the current world record holder with his bubble of 20 inches in diameter.

8. The Summer Redneck Games

With everything from mud pit belly flopping to toilet seat throwing the summer redneck games are possibly the greatest celebration of hillbilliness in the world.

7. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling

Imagine 30 grown men running down a hill trying to catch a rolling cheese. Every year this is exactly what happens on Cooper’s Hill in England.

6. Paris Hilton Obituary Writing Contest for Children

Although she certainly has her share of detractors, something like this is just plain morbid.

5. Midget Tossing Contest

All you need for this competition is a consenting midget and the ability to throw him relatively far distances.

4. Bird Dance Offs

Do you have a pet bird? Are his dance moves off the chain? We didn’t think so, but apparently some proud bird owners out there do and they aren’t afraid to let their pets strut their stuff.

3. Edible Boat Races

The only rule is that the boats have to be made from 100% edible material. At least one one goes home hungry.

2. Power Tool Racing

It’s power tools with wheels racing around a track. This has to be the manliest competition in the world.

1. Dead Possum Costume Contest

Held as a fundraiser by a school in Australia, the kids had to dress up dead possums in various outfits. Emotional scarring aside, they did manage to raise $6000 dollars.


gigantes 7 year s ago
#2 that is a damn cool, funny idea.

and i'm going to pretend i didn't see #1. sheesh.
HennieB 7 year s ago
All these were invented for people with zero talent.



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