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Couple Give a New Meaning to the Term “Budget Wedding” (12 pics)

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39 year old Georgina Porteous and 32 year Sid Innes recently tied the knot in a formal ceremony that included a cake, photographer, drinks, dancing and food. But there was one small detail that made their wedding so different…


The entire wedding day cost only $1.6 ( £1) which was the money spent on the bride’s vintage wedding dress!

The ceremony took place in a barn behind the couple’s cottage. It was decorated with lanterns, locally grown flowers and hay bales donated by farmers.

Georgina looked stunning in a 1960s hand-made wedding gown with embroidered sleeves. She found it for a pound on Freecycle, an online community where people can pass on unwanted items.

Georgina’s mum Susanna Bichard, 64, a church reader, conducted the ceremony in front of 70 guests.

They exchanged wedding rings made by Georgina using antlers she found in their garden.

Georgina’s aunt Alison Wilson baked a three-tier chocolate orange wedding cake infused with Lady Grey tea, with the couple’s initials intertwined on top.

They got a photographer for nothing because Georgina, also a freelance film editor, offered to work for him in return.

Guests were asked to bring food and drink and they tucked into a feast of home-made quiches, sausage rolls, potatoes, fresh bread and salads.

After the wedding picnic, everyone partied the night away as Georgina’s father, Harry, 67, played jazz on his saxophone.

Lots of people said it was the best wedding they have ever been to.

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Mr. Ree 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
...and their marriage will probably last for 60 years. Every wedding that I've been to that cost 1000's of dollars, they were divorced within a few years.

klunkr 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I would agree with Ree. I go to these weddings where its just WAY over the top, marriage lasts a few years. Go to really mellow actually in love couples weddings, still married as I type this.