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Interesting Things You Might Know about Left Handedness (25 pics)

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Between 10 and 12 percent of people are lefties

Men are more likely than women to be left handed

August 13th is Left-Handers Day

Many sources claim that left handers may die up to 9 years earlier than right handers

Research also suggests left handers are more likely to become alcoholics, schizophrenic, and dyslexic.

A mother over 40 years old is 130% more likely to have a left handed baby than a mother in her 20s

Historically it has been seen as a nasty habit, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, and criminality

In English the word left even comes from the Anglo Saxon word lyft which means weak or broken.

Although some cultures had a positive view of left handers many considered them outcasts.

In many cultures the left hand is considered unclean because it is used to wipe after defecation.

There are many parts of the world where children are punished in school for using their left hand.

The Boston Strangler, Jack the Ripper, and Osama Bid Laden were lefties.

So were Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander the Great

About 50% of rats, cats, and mice are left pawed.

Assymetrical behavior patterns in humans extend to the foot, eye, and ear as well

The gene LRRTM1 has been found to play a significant role in handedness

One in four Apollo astronauts were left handed

Connections between the left and right side of the brain are faster in left handed people meaning they are better at dealing with multiple stimuli

People who are left handed tend to draw figures that face to the right

Researchers believe that the proportion of left handers in the human population has always been roughly 10 percent.

There are scholarships available for left handers with high academic performance

There are two theories about the wedding ring. One is that the Egyptians believed, in spite of the left hand's flaws, wearing it there brought it closer to the heart. The other is that the Romans wore it there to ward of evil associated with the left hand.

Studies show that left handers have an easier time learning to use their other hand than their right handed counterparts

Only 1% of the world population can be considered truly ambidextrous

The longest English word that can be typed with just the left hand using conventional hand placement is tesseradecades.

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said Einstein was left handed

#13 shows a picture of him using his right hand
lordfly911 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Most of my wife's family including her are primarily left-handed and ambidextrous. My daughter should have been left-handed but somehow in pre-k her teachers managed to change that.

Due to a right shoulder injury and arthritis in the right hand I now tend to do more tasks left-handed even though I am right-handed.

Einstein was not left-handed, it is just a myth.