Tattoos That Are Absolutely Extraordinary Works of Art (98 pics)

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Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
When I interview someone that has an idiotic tattoo like the ones shown above, I have to really doubt their decision making abilities. They don't realize that being inked like this could be costing them their future careers.

Bamboozle86 6 year s ago
@Mr. Ree - That statement is poor, idiotic and wrong in so many ways.

If you are a 55+yr old person, I would understand you statement as this was a normal "thinking" back in the day when tattoo belonged to bikers, sailors and inmates.
In 2013 and future, tattoo is not tabu anymore.
It is excepted in society. Facial tattoo is still somewhat tabu, but non of the tattoos is facial.

This is art in in every level. The skill of transferring a painting onto skin is art in it self. The results are in many cases masterpieces the world would have paid top dollar if painted on a canvas.

And your doubt in them being able to make a decision, makes you judgemental right away. What do you know about the history of the tattoo? What makes you think that it is just some tattoo taken at a random point for a random reason?

Ohhh, btw, its not like i care what you think of me with tattoos or them or your statement. cause i know I and every holder of those tattoos have more respect for people then you got!
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
Bamboozle86, I'm a recruiter and I interview 100's of people a year for various professional positions. Regardless of one's opinion on art, many employers want a professional looking person that projects a wholesome, intelligent, respectful position.
Yes, many of my clients are 50+ and they might be 'old school' but they pay me (and my staff) money to find them just the 'right' person to fill the position they have available whether it be a company spokesperson, surgeon, etc. Many of the people I interview will wind up making more money than I do but if they had a drunken weekend in college and got a Batman emblem inked on the back of their hand, it might have cost them a 100k+ position. Is it fair? Maybe, depending on the person.
I have had clients specify they will not employ a person that smokes cigarettes or drinks alcohol (both legal adult vices) so I have to weed out those prospects that indulge in those. Some white employers will not even consider a black applicant and MORE OFTEN (percentage-wise) I have seen black employers that will not accept a white applicant.
The bottom line is: you are judged on your looks and how you present yourself. If you want to fuck up your body with 'art', that is certainly your choice but don't expect others to respect that decision or respect you for it.
Maybe as the tattooed generation begin filling senior management positions and their perspectives change, tats won't have any stigma attached to them but that day hasn't arrived yet.
In the meantime, people with tats like the ones in these pics will be working at the local Dairy Queen or holding down the assistant night supervisor position at 7-11 even though they might have a Master's Degree.

...and you'll always have the scum of the earth, like dang8521, hanging out near the public restrooms, offering blowjobs for $10 a squirt.
pitterpat 6 year s ago
Mr. Ree,

You are so full of shit. So much so that you're actually past that cusp of crap where you believe in your own bullshit. lol

I can read you up on side and down the other - To. A. Tee.

I know what pisses you off and I know what tickles your fancy. You say you don't "give a crap" about what people think, but ironically, what others think is what you live for.

Come at me. Not with name calling. That's so---old, if not, juvenile. I'm not like Frosch or Dang. I'm not into the whole junior high name-calling for lack of any intelligent vocabulary. So if you're who you claim yourself to be? Come at me. Let's rumble.

I doubt you recruit anything beyond your fingers. Even then it's more than probable that they're only for reaching the keyboard to post your belligerent pre-pubescent angst, or for the lotion you keep by your roll of toilet paper.

By all means, reply to me. I welcome the opportunity to call you on more of your bullshit. Or you can alternately example yourself by exercising some degree of intelligence.

Humor isn't a craft of being nasty, Mr. Ree. It takes intelligence, quick wit, respect. Try it sometime. Try it without using vulgarity. We can always tap that later... I want to see if you're up to the challenge.
Bamboozle86 6 year s ago
As a recruiter you should look for skill and not appearance.

And maybe you should read this Forbes artical?


Fair point you made is that you have to search for what ever your client ask for. And if they say no Tattoo they may lose the best candidate, who know? But judging someone based on what they wear or have inked is lame.


How far back in history would you have gone?
The general population don't know how old this history is.
And therefor i did not go in the deep roots of it.
Today's tattooing comes from when solders and sailors got back home with new marking from what ever place they had been.
As early as the 70's and 60's tattooing was not for everyone. It's within the last 30 years tattooing has gotten more acceptable.

pitterpat 6 year s ago

Tattoos, persay, have been the markings on man long before YOUR normal thinking. Before "bikers", before "sailors", and before, "inmates". If you paid an nth of attention to the history of which you speak, you'd have known "tattoos" were a mark of tribe and time, LONG before "bikers", "sailors", and, "inmates".

If you're going fight and defend a point? Bring to the table the knives worthy of cutting down your enemies. Otherwise, sit back and let the big boys make mince of the little nuts and fruits. ;)
dang8521 6 year s ago
What are you interviewing anyone for, mr. ree? It can't be for a job position because you spend way to much time on the internet to have a job, espically one that would entail making important and intelligent choices. Important and intelligent choices are way beyond your ability, yet you are able to make judgements on other peoples choices. And that you have proven time and again.
pitterpat 6 year s ago

If Mr. Ree is of such a low caliber, why do you bother paying attention to him?

Granted, I reply to him every now and then. But not to the extent you both go on with each other. I prefer to respond to both of you limitedly.

So, with that said, let me ask you, why is it you pay so much attention to someone you hold with so little regard? This is an internet site. This is a site that posts pictures and videos so benign compared to what's otherwise out here on the 'net.

Why do you spend so much time on someone you despise on an internet site? He visits this site far more than you. Just look at his comment count on this site. Obviously he has a lot of spare time.

Why do you let him get to you? Don't you realize the more you feed him, the more you're his tool?

Let me toy with him. Ignore him. That will bother him the most. He wants attention. Don't give it to him.

Let him be my Bitch. Ignore him. It'll bug the shit out of him.
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
Pitterpat is quite the keyboard commando...

C'mon, picking on dang8521? That's like picking on a retarded black baby. The two of you along with frosch and that other douchebag, gallinazo (or whatever his fucked up name was) should all get together and have have a huge fuckfest then cry in each others arms about how much you all hate Mr. Ree.

You are all too pathetic.

Why don't you turn off the computer, put on your Wendy's uniform and head on over to work for the lunch shift?

pitterpat 6 year s ago
Uh huh. Says the dude with over 3000 comment posts. I'm pretty sure it's obvious who's the pathetic one here. lol I mean, I'm one of the first 5 members of Izi and I've yet to hit 300 posts.

You're so easy Reesy! I swear I shit in a creek and use it as bait for Carp and they're still harder to catch than you. lol You're a funny guy, Ree. I suppose you're used to being laughed AT though, so no harm done huh? I mean, you don't give a shit what people say right?

So what's your excuse then in allowing Frosch, Dang, me, ...anyone... to get on your nuts so easily? Oh, I know. It's because you've nothing better to do. You have no life. You need internet Porn. You need your computer. You need your post count and you need attention, even negative attention is still attention. Right? lol Yup. Right.

Need a tissue? Oh, you're out? So sorry. Blow your nose in your sock, ya know, the one you blew your load in thinking about your neighbors dog. It's more than probable that, that Bitch in heat, is the closest you've ever been to a willing female other than the ones in your dreams. Obviously you've no girlfriend, no wife, no life, and no hopes for companionship.

No wonder. lol



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