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Lifehacks That Will Instantly Solve Those Pesky Daily Problems (25 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle   10 Dec 2013   / 8417 views

You may already know about this one, but old CD spindles make for pretty awesome lunch boxes

We don't have time to discuss physics but apparently placing a spoon across a boiling pot of water will keep it from boiling over

The tab on your soda can is actually intended for more than just opening things

If you're ever at a hotel and you run out of USB charging locations…check the TV, it usually has one or two.

How to make a simple iPhone speaker

If you ever need to ask for directions skip the gas stations and go straight to the pizza delivery places

To check if your batteries are still good, drop them from a height of about 6 inches. If they only bounce once, they're still full. If they bounce more than once, time for replacements.

To adjust your eyes more quickly to changing light conditions try closing one eye

How to keep your extension cords from unplugging

Rub walnuts on damaged wooden furniture to cover up any scratches

Use a rubberband on paint cans to wipe your brush. It will keep paint from getting on the sides

Use cut toilet paper rolls as cuffs to prevent your wrapping paper from unrolling

Use a can opener to open blister packs and not cut yourself

Clean out an old bottle of sun lotion to keep your belongings safe at the beach

If you can't find any kindling, use doritos

Put your pancake mix in an old ketchup bottle to prevent messes

Use velcro on your remotes to stop losing them

Use a bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of tape

Stick the hard to use old sliver of soap onto the new piece of soap

Put a piece of cardboard in a ziplock bag to protect important documents from rain and keep them from getting creased

If you ever need a flathead screwdriver, most basic power plugs will usually do the trick

Place your cellphone light underneath a water bottle for a makeshift lantern that distributes light better

To stop receiving marketing emails, try filtering out any mail that contains the word "unsubscribe"

Use accented letters, Arabic letters, and Chinese characters in your passwords to make them more secure

If you ever want to fall asleep on public transport without having your bag stolen try this…it's better than nothing

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