Famous People Who Once Homeless (25 pics)

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Jim Carrey

When his family fell on tough times they ended up living out of a van. He worked as a janitor while going to open mic nights in his time off and eventually landed the lead in “Once Bitten”.

Ben Franklin

He ran away from Boston at 17 and took a boat to New York City after which he ended up walking to Philadelphia. He lived on the streets until his future wife’s family took him in.

David Letterman

After moving to LA in 1975 he lived out of his truck until he got picked up writing jokes for comedian Jimmie Walker.

Col. Harland Sanders

Colonel Sanders as the world has come to know him was homeless for a vast majority of his life. He lived out of a car with his wife while he was trying to convince restaurants to take his chicken recipe.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone ended up living in a NYC bus station for 3 weeks after being evicted and even acted in an adult film while trying to get back on his feet.

Kelly Clarkson

Moving to LA from Texas her apartment burned down on her first day in town. Because she didn’t know anyone she slept in her car until he made it big on ‘Idol’.

Tyler Perry

After his first theatrical production failed miserably, he lived out of his car and kept rewriting his script until it went big at the House of Blues.

Daniel Craig

Before landing the role of the most famous spy in history Daniel couch surfed and slept on park benches in London.

Halle Berry

Staying in New York to pursue her acting dreams even after she ran out of money, she lived in a homeless shelter prior to landing a role on ABC.

Jim Kramer

While working for the LA Herald-Examiner as a journalist his house got robbed multiple times. As a result he was forced to live out of his car for nearly a year before eventually becoming host of Mad Money.

Shania Twain

When she was a teenager her mom moved her family to a shelter in Toronto so that they would have enough to eat. And as early as 8 she was already singing in bars for food.

Hilary Swank

Growing up in a trailer park she headed to LA with her mom at 15. The two of them lived out of a car and booked auditions over payphones until Hillary managed to get some roles.

William Shatner

Although most people think landing a big role is their ticket to riches, as soon as Star Trek drew to a close, William found tough times and ended up living out of his truck.

Jennifer Lopez

After her parents disagreed with her decision to go to Hollywood J-Lo ended up couch surfing until she got her break first in Europe and then in LA.

Sam Worthington

Before signing up for Avatar and breaking several box office records the Australian actor was living out of his car.

Sean Parker

Until launching PayPal Parker lived a vagrant life, surfing on couches and free loading wherever he could.


Before making it big Jewel’s family lived in a house with no plumbing and she would write songs out of her van.

Djimon Hounsou

While in his teens the African born actor and model was homeless on the streets of Paris.

Dr. Phil McGraw

When he was younger he lived out of a car with his dad until he eventually got a room at a downtown YMCA for 5 dollars per week.

Drew Carey

He lived out of his car for 18 months while trying to get a spot on the Tonight Show.

Carmen Electra

In her early 20s while she was still struggling to make ends meet her boyfriend stole all her money and left. She recalls sitting in the 100 degree LA heat and just crying.

Cary Grant

Abandoned by his father at age 10 and with his mother in a mental institution he spent his childhood in Southampton, England taking jobs on the docks and sleeping in alley ways.

Kurt Cobain

Before becoming front man of the rock band Nirvana Kurt lived under a bridge and slept in hospital waiting rooms.

Suze Orman

Although these days she advises millions of people on their finances, not long ago she was living out of her van.

Heather Mills

Due to family issues she was forced to live in a cardboard box near London Waterloo station from the age of 14.


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Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
#22 - I wonder what kinds of 'jobs' Cary did down at the docks...

SammySlipschit 6 year s ago
Jus' guessin' here but I think I can figure out how Sylvester made his lunch money while living in the bus station....



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