Strange Discoveries Found Inside an Abandoned Building (74 pics)

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This guy decided to explore a building that was attached to the town hall. This is what he found…


So it started off under a hall that was used for dancing displays and some theater, it makes perfect sense to have some jail cells down there!
The doors were old, and the rooms had a concrete bed, 1 had a table in it.
People must have got bored in the slammer, there was a fair bit of graffiti
Some of it pretty weird. I dont understand "jock 97" as the last entry in the logbook was '94.
A fair few visitors have been here over the years
Some of the graffiti was pretty funny.
This was in what I would assume to be the solitary cell, guy must have had some free time.
And so begins the descent into a weird exploration.
It got dark, quick.
We came into this room, couldn't find the lightswitch so I took a picture with the flash on and I damn near shit myself, I thought a hundred people were just standing around in the dark.
It was pretty dusty (it's not your screen, although you should probably clean it anyway)
we came to a maintenance tunnel? it ran the perimeter of the block we where under, towards the end it got smaller, real alice in wonderland shit.
The tunnel had an offshoot that held these old air conditioning fans
They were pretty big
scared person for scale.
There was some weird shit down there. (2 stories below ground)
This looked like what would have drove those big fans
So what started under a stage in a jail through maintenance tunnels up a couple flights of stairs we end up at a swimming pool, naturally.
You can see the changing booths along the top, these were on both floors at either side.
Through a door at the end of the walkway we ended up in some offices, whoever designed this place was a lunatic.
There was a room that was fully carpeted (including the walls) and it had a leaky skylight, this was set up there.
after the mushy carpet room was this graveyard.
Gonna need more than a hoover.
There was some pretty cool things in here.
I wanted to get to the back to have a wee look at the files but the floor was about ankle deep in water which I wasn't expecting to run into 3 floors up.
Lots of old tech.
Of course, that's what was missing, a sauna.
There was stacks and stacks of blueprints.

After going through some more corridors and down some stairs, we ended up in an old workshop!

More pipes leading to the alice in wonder land corridor.
free insulation.
There was a room that I never got a picture of, and it was FULL of files, mostly police records.
There was a room that I never got a picture of, and it was FULL of files, mostly police records.
A patent box or something?
In one of the maintenance tunnels
These giant tic tacs surprised me at how clean they have stayed. This was in a laundry room, there was a lazy waiter running from the room beside the fully carpeted room that came straight down here, I'd imagine it was for towels from the sauna.
There was 4 of these tumble dryers, they were pretty big.
The years of use and steam made the place pretty moldy.
4 of these washing machines too.
A box of bits.
A shitload of spine numbing chairs.
I went back and visited the pool when it was dark to do some light painting. The place was pitch black after the first flash, bar me with my blue light. When I finished this I was climbing up the side when the caretaker came, I got the fright of my life and almost fell back in
And this was the building that contained the madness. Hope you enjoyed.


JISR 6 year s ago
nice set to film walking dead
oddbal 6 year s ago
Maybe the North Korean swim team was housed there.

#28 btw that is a floor buffer.



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