The Lesser Known Talents of Famous People (27 pics + 27 gifs)

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Harrison Ford

What he’s good at: He’s a pro at piloting helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts.

*John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and Angelina Jolie are also a few of the celebrities who became pilots.

Angelina Jolie

What she’s good at: She collects daggers and specializes in knife throwing. No biggie.

Bruce Willis

What he’s good at: He’s an amazing harmonica player.

Nick Offerman

What he’s good at: He’s a skilled woodworker and even owns his own shop!

Christina Hendricks

What she’s good at: The lady knows how to play an accordion, which is pretty cool.

*She could start a club with fellow celebrity, Lucy Liu.

Conan O’Brien

What he’s good at: He took tap dancing lessons as a kid.

Chris Colfer

What he’s good at: He knows how to handle a sai! Which for those of you know don’t know (I didn’t until 5 minutes ago), it’s a Japanese martial arts weapon!

Emma Roberts

What she’s good at: She can impersonate a crying baby. So, I guess there’s always that to fall back on.

Jason Lee

What he’s good at: He was a professional skateboarder in the late ’80s and early ’90s. He even co-founded a company called Stereo Skateboards!

Mike Tyson

What he’s good at: He’s been racing pigeons since he was 9-years-old.

Susan Sarandon

What she’s good at: She’s an avid ping-pong player, she opened up her own club called SPiN in NYC.

Bob Barker

What he’s good at: He was taught karate by none other than Chuck Norris and studied for 20 years.

Amanda Seyfried

What she’s good at: She’s an excellent knitter, much like Meryl Streep and David Arquette.

Patrick Dempsey

What he’s good at: He’s an EXCELLENT juggler and a race car driver!

Kristen Stewart

What she’s good at: Like Patrick Dempsey, she can also juggle!

Viggo Mortensen

What he’s good at: He’s an established painter. Who knew!?

Neil Patrick Harris

What he’s good at: Neil is a huge fan of magic. He actually won the Tannen’s Magic Louis Award in 2006.

Jennifer Garner

What she’s good at: She played the saxophone in her high school band.*She is one of many celebrities who play an instrument!

Steve Martin

What he’s good at: Speaking of musicians, Steve picked learned how to play the banjo at age 17. He was recently nominated for two Grammy awards in 2013.

Ed Helms

What he’s good at: Another great banjo player! Ed even formed a band “The Lonesome Trio” with his friends and performed on the Bluegrass Situation stage at Bonnaroo.

Taylor Lautner

What he’s good at: At the age of eight, he was asked to represent the U.S. in the World Karate Association where he won three gold medals and was named the Junior World Forms and Weapons champion.

Vanilla Ice

What he’s good at: Robert Van Winkle (his real name) began riding dirt bikes when he was 8-years-old. As a teenager, he won three Grand National Championships.

Geena Davis

What she’s good at: She almost made the archery team for the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics.

Matthew Perry

What he’s good at?: As a young lad, Matthew was an awesome tennis player on the junior tennis circuit.

Pierce Brosnan

What he’s good at: Pierce is a professional fire eater. Oh, totally.

Ed O’ Neill

What he’s good at: He’s been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 22 years. In 2007, he received his black belt! Wowza.

Justin Bieber

What he’s good at? He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes.


gigantes 7 year s ago
#53 anyone can learn to do that pretty quickly from all the guides out there.
AMemoriam 7 year s ago
@53 He's good at being annoying.. being not able to sing, throwing eggs? Or maybe DUI. All that and he is still a teenage! Must be the winner here.
Thingy 7 year s ago
#19 and he's never won a race yet.
Johny 7 year s ago
#9 - good at being fuckable.
#14-Possibly good at sucking dicks, too.
#33- Yep, like #14
#53 - Ditto.



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