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Animation of Daily Life That Gets It Spot On (24 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   19 Feb 2014   / 16800 views

When your pet leaves the room and you weren’t done petting it yet:

When your alarm goes off on Monday morning:

When someone won’t stop sneezing:

When a kid is honest about your appearance:

When you see on Instagram that your friends went somewhere without you:

When someone asks if you’ve ever seen your favorite show:

Opening the fridge and not seeing anything you want:

Trying to make friends with people way cooler than you:

When a fart sneaks up on you:

Leaving the office on Friday:

When you’re almost done doing dishes and someone comes and puts another dish in the sink:

When your significant other is mad at you and you have no idea why:

When your best friend is giving more attention to someone other than yourself:

When you realize the person you’re talking to isn’t wearing deodorant:

Showing off your new shoes:

When you realize the candy you’re eating is sugar free:

When someone asks you to help them study:

You and your best friend after you make a really witty comment:

When it’s after midnight and you’re not sure whether to say “today” or “tomorrow:”

When you drop something and try to catch it before it hits the ground:

When you see someone using the pencil you lost:

Trying to put on skinny jeans:

When you see stupid statuses on Facebook and you try your best not to make rude, sarcastic comments:

You still don’t have a boyfriend:

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